Peter The Great

by Nick Thom


  • Peter the Great was a very strict ruler.
  • Valued education and set up academies for mathematics, engineering, and science.
  • Had no mercy for anyone who disagreed with his ideas.


  • Opened many academies for mathematics, science, and engineering.;
  • Created the largest standing army in Europe at the time.
  • Expanded Russia's borders from west and south.
  • Brought back a group of teachers, and technical experts back to Russia that he recruited in Europe.
  • Built and constructed the city St. Petersburg.
  • Ended Russia's period of isolation.


  • Forced landowning nobles to serve the state by participating in military or civilian positions.
  • Passed a law saying that nobles kept control of their land.
  • Forced some people to be workers or laborers on roads, government projects, or canals.
  • Peter the Great also encouraged exporting items

Interesting Facts

  • Was only 10 years old when he took the throne in 1682. However did not have government control until 1689.
  • Was not actually very educated himself.
  • When he died, most of his reforms ended.

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