Social-Emotional Developement

From Birth to Age Two


Temperament- indicates ones actions with their environment

  • passivity- how actively involved a child is w/their surroundings
  • irritability- the tendency to feel stressed
  • Activity Patterns- levels of mom


Attachment- Strong emotional connection between two people

  • begins in early stages in life
  • Shows infants care for and respond to certain people
Separation Anxiety- When child becomes excessively anxious when separated from parents.

  • Caregivers need to prepare for the attachment behavior
  • 9-18 month children have difficulty with
  • this 15 months this very strong

Changes Over Time

  • Within the first two weeks you will already see changes
  • Ones actions are a result of the child's growth
  • establishing trust is crucial at this time
  • at birth newborns lack emotion
  • emotion is shown by crying but without tears