She might've Invaded Russia

Published September 3, 1968

Subject: The USSR's invasion of newly democratized Czechoslovakia in 1968

Context: Examining the USSR"s own possibility of having to fight a domino effect

Symbolism: In this illustration, Herblock uses a damsel to represent the newly democratized Czechoslovakia who's essentially being shot down for having different ideals then that of the USSR.

Exaggeration: The size of the USSR's forces on this illustration greatly outmatch that of Czechoslovakia who appears to not have anyone to even defend their border from the scary Russians.

Labeling: Herblock labels the freshly killed woman "Freedom" and the USSR troop simply "USSR". It is clear that Herblock's trying to get across the point that the USSR is completely opposed to freedom of any sort, that's why they'd even kill an innocent civilian woman in a dress and heels.

Analogy: In this cartoon, the analogy isn't actually too far off from what really transpired. Herblock's trying to compare the USSR's invasion of the newly democratized Czechoslovakia to essentially a blind massacre and hostile takeover for the good of communism. This is mirrored in the actual invasion.

Irony: After supporting all of these newly formed communist countries such as North Vietnam who fought wars to expand communist ideals, the USSR had to stop almost a reverse domino effect that would've been created by a free and almost sovereign Czechoslovakia.

Purpose of Cartoon:
What issue is this political cartoon about?

The 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the USSR

What do you think is the cartoonist’s opinion on this issue?

He definitely thinks the USSR is in the wrong here, that's why the soldiers and the tank behind
them are such an overbearing presence in the illustration. And that's why it depicts them killing a civilian woman.

What other opinion can you imagine another person having on this issue?

That the USSR has the right to invade because Czechoslovakia is not sovereign

Did you find this cartoon persuasive? Why or why not?

No, it's not very persuasive in nature. It's more blunt in the point it's trying to get across which really doesn't engage your mind as much a more deep thinking cartoons would.

What other techniques could the cartoonist have used to make this cartoon more persuasive?

He could've gone deeper into to what the newly freed Czechs thought when the USSR invaded to reinstate communism.