Your local news update for Hurricane Bob

Hurricane Bob

Hurricane Bob is taking place on South Sandwich Island. It is swirrling and swirrling. If you look closely, you can see flying fish!
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Lives at Risk

Hurricane Bob is putting many lives at risk. So far, there has been one report of a drowning girl. If you would like to donate money, you cannot because we only accept checks. But sadly, we do not have a bank account, so therefore, we cannot take your money.

Where Else Can You Find Us

Another place you can find us is on your local weather channel: Misty's Live News for your weather and news. Check us out and if you really like us call us at


Oh! We just got news that you cannot actually call us at the moment so please don't call us until we inform our viewers that you can. We can't afford the phone bill and we have severe cases of tech nerd technical difficulties.