Tony Romo

By Austin Sanford 6th period


This website is about Tony Romo and how he compares to other quarterbacks that have come through Dallas. My aim is to show that Romo cannot and will not be able to play up to his 108 million dollar contract. Jerry Jones Had no idea what he was doing offering that contract to Tony Romo. In my interview i will show you what some season ticket holders think about this new deal and what they think about how he should perform. If he doesn't do good he will be given the boot.


Tony Romo isn’t as good as most people think, he is actually worse. Tony Romo can compete with anyone on paper but, when the game is on the line he chokes. Most of his interceptions came in the fourth quarter of a game. Interceptions in the fourth quarter usually cost the Cowboys the game. With this website you will be able to tell that Romo isn’t a good quarterback he is only mediocre.

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This project is about Tony Romo and his lacking level of being clutch. In the essays and poems there are statistics and how they compare to other quarterbacks that have started for Dallas. Also i have included some statistics that are incredible for him to accomplish.

Narrative Essay

Being quarterback is a difficult task, knowing were to throw the ball and how to read the defense determines how good you are. Hard work in the offseason pays off during the regular season, but if you don't work hard you are hurting your team. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Tony is a freshman in high school, he is about six feet two inches tall. Tony has brown hair, green eyes, very talkative, and friendly. He plays football for his high school football team and the varsity quarterback spot just opened up. He is only a freshman and he really wants to make starting varsity quarterback next year as a sophomore, but there was a sophomore in front of him who the coaches liked and thought deserved the position. Tony being the determined athlete he was, decided he was gonna work harder then Drew, the sophomore QB, to get the job. Over the summer Tony enrolled in multiple quarterback camps and lifted weights to try and show the coaches how much he wanted the position. At the beginning of the season it was a tight race for the starting role between Tony and Drew. Then the week before the first game coach announced that Tony was gonna be the starting quarterback. Tony was very enthusiastic about his starting role and thought he deserved the job. Tony's team played well as him as the quarterback and the coaches gave him the starting position next season also. But when the offseason came around Tony decided to take a break and not progress in his abilities and as the next season came upon him he discovered that he wasn't as good as he was last year. Neither was his team, Tony threw too many interceptions for them to have a chance to win. This ended up making the fans and players angry for giving him the starting role his senior season as well. Tony's senior season went worse than his junior year, and its because he let his teammates down during the offseason.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. When you work hard you can become better then the person that has better talent then you. But once you quit working you quit progressing and getting better. The more work you put in during the offseason, the better the reward will be during the regular season.

Expository Essay

Tony Romo became the highest paid player in Dallas Cowboy history by signing a 6 year 108 million dollar contract extension. This has caused confusion between Cowboy fans and players. Throughout the league today, Romo may be considered a top quarterback, but he isn't in Cowboys history. Starting well doesn't always mean you will end up on top at the finish.

In games to get into the playoffs Tony Romo is 0-7, in elimination games he is a whopping 1-7 (Watkins). Comparing to previous quarterbacks that have came through Dallas, that's horrendous. Troy Aikman’s playoff record is 11-3, he was only knocked out of the playoffs once in the 6 times he went to the playoffs. Tony Romo is 0-1 in the playoffs (Watkins). Think that's enough to deserve that kind of contract extension? Romo has only been to the playoffs once sense he has started and he got knocked out in the first round. If he can’t play to the potential of this contract in the next few years, loyal Cowboy fans will be lost. In the months of September, October, and November Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the league with a record of 22 and 4 with a passer rating of 107 (Archer)! After that when December rolls around Romo goes ice cold, his record in December is 4-8, this awful record ruins a chance for the playoffs (Archer). If he even goes .500 in December we would have made the playoffs twice, once last year and then again in 2009 (Archer). When the game is on the line, Romo will throw an interception, he is tries to hard to make something happen but he ends up making a bad read and throws the ball to the defender. This usually causes the Cowboys to lose the game, because it will set up a winning touchdown drive or, let the other team milk the clock. If he worked a little harder in the offseason and watched more film he would be able to cut down his 4th quarter interceptions and possibly be a superbowl winning quarterback. Romo has to much talent to not be able to lead his team to a superbowl.

Now that Romo is playing under a new contract and he ended the year super hot last season, hopefully he can try and lead us to a superbowl, or at least win a division title. This change in fortune will hopefully bring Americas team back to the top, and show everyone how dominant
Romo can be throughout the league.

Starting well doesn't always mean you will end up on top at the finish.


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Choice Element

Interview with longtime season ticket holders Billy and Mae Sanford.

Q: Who is your favorite player on the Dallas Cowboys?

A: Tony Romo, because he is the quarterback and you got to love him.

Q: What did you think of his performance last year?

A: I believe that he did well with the lack of talent around him. There was a lot of starters out with injuries during the year and the offensive line was one of the worst in the NFL. I think going 8-8 was good for all of the players being injured.

Q: What do you think about Jerry Jones offering Tony Romo such a huge contract?

A: I think the contract offered to Romo was way over paid. We should have used some of that money to buy other players in free agency or the draft. Romo is good, but with this contract he better be amazing. He also should get us to the playoffs and win a game.

Q: Where do you think Tony Romo ranks in quarterbacks that have come through Dallas?

A: Well Jerry Jones thinks he is first but, i think he is behind Troy Aikman, Roger Stachback, and then Tony Romo. I don’t think he is any worse than third but, he is definitely not anywhere close to passing up those two in front of him.

Q: If Romo doesn’t perform like you expect him to this season, will it give you seconds thoughts on renewing your season tickets for next year?

A: It will give me second thoughts on whether or not he is my favorite player but, i buy the the tickets so my kids and grandkids can come to games with me and get to spend time with us.

Q: How do you think the Cowboys season will be next year?

A: I think they will be a difficult team to beat this year. They will be second in the division and hopefully win the wild card spot and get into the playoffs. I think the record will be 9-8 or 8-8, barely over five hundred.

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Research Connections

Expository Essay: i got my research for the expository essay on ESPN. It had statistics that i could use for comparing Tony Romo to Troy Aikman. this is the link i used for Tony Romo to get his stats <>. And this is the link i used to collect Troy Aikmans stats <>. "in games to get into the playoffs Romo is only 1 and 7" (Watkins) I used this in my expository essay to show how he is not clutch at the end of the season. Also "Tony Romo in December is only 4 and 8." (Archer). I used that quote to show how much the end of the season and month of December means to a playoff contending team. Its not how you start but how you finish.

Narrative Essay: i mostly used my own knowledge of football and imagination to create a story based on stuff i had read on this website <>. And a book i read America's Next Quarterback Tony Romo Romo, Tony. America's Next Quarterback Tony Romo. 2007 ed. New York : Triumph Books , 2007. Print. in the book it talked about how dominate he could be if he puts in the time and effort. Also it talks about how he take time off in the off season to try and make the U.S. Open. Jerry Jones won't let him do that this year according to ESPN analysis Adam Schefter.

Poem: For my poem i used ESPN as well <>. It has all of his statistics from every year he has played. I calculated all of his interceptions in each quarter and it came out that 38 percent of his interceptions cam in the fourth quarter of his games. That is way more then what it should be, it should be around 25 percent at least.