Kaiser Insurance Online

Make Your Health Experience As Pleasant As Possible

Kaiser Permanente provides care and coverage you need to make life easier. We are different from typical health care providers. We work together with you to give the necessary steps to manage your health-inside and outside the office tools.

At Kaiser Insurance Online, the quality care you receive will be provided or arranged by Kaiser Permanente physicians at Kaiser Permanente facilities. Our doctors and medical equipment account for almost all major medical and surgical specialties and collaborate to serve a particular group of people, our affiliates. Especially during this special time, it is very important to have a doctor who treats you as an individual and whom you can trust. We recommend you to choose personal physicians who best meet your needs. Your delivery and other hospital services will be at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals or at other hospitals contracting with Kaiser Permanente Org.

Our consistently excellent performance ranking reflects Kaiser Permanente California commitment to helping our members to become and stay healthy. We have dedicated physicians and health care teams using best practices and innovative tools to provide coordinated, compassionate medical care, creating a better and safer experience for the patient.

Health is what matters in life; is allowing you to be active. Having health insurance is the key to that; we know that there is a need. We want (families) know that there is an option. We know how important health care is for children.