The Setting for Copper Sun

Digital Compeonet for Book project ~ By Victoria Carberry

In the Beginning~

For the start of Copper Sun, the setting took place in a village in Africa. Although, soon when the main character Amari was kidnapped by the white people, the setting changed to a massive wooden ship. The ship was a horrible place, the way the author described it was gruesome. Amari hated where she was, she hated it so much she wanted to die.

After the Journey on the Ship~

The setting for Amari changed frequently throughout the book. After she got off of the ship she lived on a slave plantation. She was placed on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina. She lived in a little wooden shack with a indentured servant named Polly. Although, her setting was in the kitchen rather then on the fields working.

The Escape~

After living on the plantation for a while, Amari and Polly escaped from there. There setting changed to a marshy forest. They had to travel through the forest to get to safe heaven. While traveling through, they stopped at a few houses where they were fed and where they rested. It was a hard environment for them to travel in, it was hot during day and cold at night, it was damp and very dirty, which was not good for their health. They did however end up in safe heaven in Mexico where they lived the rest of their lives.