Course Updates November 2014

Three Weeks Remaining!

After this week, we only have three weeks left in the course. Please do your best to make sure your remaining assignments are high quality and submitted on time for the last benchmark of November 21st.

Make sure you look over your grades daily and check for any errors. If you see a mistake, please send me an email or give me a call as soon as possible. Final grades will not be calculated until after the course closes on December 5th. Students, parents, and facilitators will have access to final grades in registration on December 12th.

Important Dates

  • November 21: Assignment Due Date
  • December 3-4: Final Exam
  • December 5: Course Ends
  • December 12: Final Grades Available in Registration
  • January 5: Spring Term Begins

Interested in Bonus Points?

Final Exams Begin December 3rd!

Students must complete the final exam between Wednesday, December 3rd and Thursday, December 4th. No exceptions or extensions. The final exam counts for 20% of the final average and all students must take the final exam.

The final exam is timed and students should take prepare to take the complete exam in one session. This test consists of 45 multiple choice questions that address content from the entire course. Be sure to study before you take your exam.

Georgia Milestones EOC

Georgia Milestones End of Course assessments (formerly known as End of Course Tests or EOCTs) and Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessments (grades 3-8) are required by the state of Georgia. For the FY14-15 school year, public school students enrolled in these courses are required to take the EOC assessments to meet the graduation requirement but the grade will NOT count as part of students’ final course average. All students enrolled in the Georgia Milestone EOC courses are required to take a GAVS final exam in addition to the EOC assessments. The final exam will count 20% of students’ final course average.

All Biology students must take the EOC. If you are a public school student, please check with your school counselor to make sure you are registered to take the EOC.

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