Troubled Times

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Dear Carolyn:

I am a young computer hacker and I think I have got myself in a little trouble. I have hacked into the telecomeria system and now I think im in a whole lot of trouble, I didn't man for this to get all out of hands. I was just trying to get the newest headset and well you see things kind of went wrong.... Could you please give me some advice on what to do? Should I turn myself in or try and fix the problem myself?

-A young hacker (Sam)

Dear Young Hacker: I understand you have yourself in a little problem here. Whatever you do, do not turn yourself in! Try and get yourself out of this problem first, I see your already a smart "hacker", so if you turn yourself in they may want to test you and see what you can do as if your a robot of some sort . I hope this helps and by the try and stay away especially if you have told anybody what you just told me

- Carolyn Hax

Movie Review

What is the future really made up of ?

A young hacker tries to get the new neuro headset that comes to stores because his best friend, who is secretly a game addict, got it so now he thinks he has to have it but he tries to get the headset in the most unpleasant way he can which he soon realizes has consequences , while he going though all this 2 of his future friends he meets later on help him get himself out of trouble but is he really "out of trouble ?" Read Brain Falkner's "Brain Jacked" or Go and see the movie to find out what really happens....

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A young girl bought the newest technology which we have all heard about, the neuro headsets, but have we heard of what they can cause you to do? the young girl purchased it at her local market and little did she know when she put it on she could walk through walls ! That may seem cool and all but when she awoke the next morning she had several bruises on her arms and legs where she had thrown herself against the wall to pass through the next side. People soon became suspicious so thy question her mother who denied it the young girl said her mother abused her but did she really or was it the neuro headset who told her to say that? if It was, then what else could it cause you to do?
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