Automobile Racing

Nick Reget

What is Automobile Racing?

Automobile Racing is a competition to find out who drives the faster car and who knows how to drive their car better. Auto racing has really transformed over the past century. Now, the major competitions are more mainstream.


The car was invented by Charles and Frank Duryea in 1893 and called it a horseless carriage, but Henry Ford got most of the credit for mass producing the car in 1908(Berkebile 1). Obviously racing didn't start right after the car was invented, but it wasn't very long before they wanted to compete for money. On November 27, 1895 Frank Duryea participated in and won the first race in American History with a prize of two thousand dollars(Berkebile 1). Frank must have felt left out, not being able to drive a vehicle in the race.


From the words of,"There are five main types of racing, drag racing, closed wheel circuit racing, open wheel circuit racing, rally racing, and off-road racing" ( 1). NASCAR is an example of an closed wheel circuit racing association because the wheels are located under the frame of the car. INDY and KART are examples of open wheel circuit racing because the wheels are located on the exterior of the car.


Race car drivers and crews use certain slang to get their ideas across in the heat of a race. According to Racing Junky, stroking is " Said of a driver who allegedly "lays back" in a race so as not to punish or wear out equipment before the end of an event." (Racing Junky 1). Most drivers do this if they are either not going to have a chance to win a race or if they are so far ahead of everyone else that they don't even have to worry about not winning. Also, according to Racing Junky, a groove is "The best route around a race track; the most efficient or quickest way around the track for a particular driver. The "high groove" takes a car closer to the outside wall for most of a lap. The "low groove" takes a car closer to the apron then the outside wall. Road racers use the term "line." (Racing Junky 1)The "low groove" is the shortest way around the track.


Kristen Hall-Geisler says,"In the early days of stock-car racing, very few teams had sponsors" says Kristen Hall-Geisler. As you can see from just watching a NASCAR race today the cars are covered with sponsors. Even so, "NASCAR has a long-standing relationship with sponsors" (Geisler-Hall 1). Once people thought of advertising their business on the race cars, the sponsorship of NASCAR has skyrocketed.


There are some obvious risks involved with being a race car driver, but there are some that you cannot notice right away. The causes of death when there are cars traveling at 200 mph aren't always having to do with the drivers ability to maneuver his/her car because one of the other driver could scrape up against your car and send you into a tailspin (Koltko-Rivera 2).

Famous Racers

As racing has changed over the past century, so has the respect for race car drivers. We have started treating them as celeberties. Richard Petty is a man who won the Dayona 500 and the NASCAR national championship each seven times ( 1). Richard Petty is considered one of the most successful stock car drivers in history.


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