The greatests place on plantet earth


Tree are the best things in the world. They help you live they give us oxagen and wood to keep you warm. And you can use them for alot of other stuff to.

Steam boat

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 4am


Get on the boat they are leaving soon come to the nicest place on earth Minnesota. The boat leaves at 4:00am dont be late


Open for traping


It is so warm above 85 degrees.

Land for farming

And good wildlife and lumber.

Harrit bishop

Harrit bishop is veary important to ST.Pual because she is the first school teacher and she loves the nice warm weather she said she will never leave ST.Pual Minnesota.


The importace of st.pual.

This town is very important to us because of all the nice weather the farming land. And all the traping and logging that they do here. And it s always sunny and joyful. And this town jst means alot to us so come here and live a good life.

The Benifit of coming to minnesota.

And if you are travlng to come to st.pual it is a real benifit you get framing land traping logging and it is realy peaceful hear come to minnesota. And it is a good place for jobs. And you can raise a good family here so come now.