The Civil War


Compromise of 1850

1. California admitted as a free state

2. Utah and New Mexico territory could vote on whether to permit slavery

3. Texas gave up there were western boundary claim of the Rio Grande River in return for U.S. assumption

4. The fugitive slave act was amended

5. Slave trade in Washington D.C.

Compromise if 1850 is one of reason that lead up to Civil war because government follow that all slaves go back to wherever they are belong to.

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The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850

This Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 is a part of Compromise of 1850. Law is about try to catch slaves live in somewhre else that where slaves were belong to also this is why that north is hating slaves.

North hates slave=Civil War, because south want a slave.

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The Dred Scott Decision of 1857

It was the desicion that Scott try to get freedom and they get it in free state. Thats when north think about slaves.

South thought why they freed state so south want slave.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

Created the territories of KN(Kansas and Nebraska), opening new lands for settlement, and had the effect of repealing the Missouri compromise of 1820 by allowing settlers in those territories to determine through popular Sovereignty whether they would allow slavery within each territory.

KN act effected that make north more easy to win.

upload John Brown's Raid of 1859

John Brown attacked weapon garage and that couse both fighting north and south in Harapers Bay. Also it causes to American Civil War. In the north Brown were brave but in south, everybody thought nothern people is like Brown.

This couses battle of antietam. Battle of antietam are major battle in Civil War.