Principal Brown's Screenplay

Week 14 & 15 November 21st -December 2nd

What a Powerful November We Have Had!

As I sit here and reflect on all of the learning that our students and staff have experienced during the month of November I am beyond grateful and excited for what is to come at WOHE. Here are just a sample of what has happened in our midst this month:

  • Students’ ability to problem solve, critically think and explain their thinking is growing at an accelerated pace in math.

  • Impact Team protocols - Writing progression Calibration, EAA Team Meeting in Math, & more!!

  • Read, Draw, Write progressions have been vertically aligned to help students explain their math thinking throughout K-4th grade!

  • Effective and intentional data reflection around the bottom 20% of students’ learning gaps in reading in preparation for the MTSS system.

  • Student clarity and empowerment for learning gaps directing student lead measures and independent learning during reading rounds.

  • Launch of MTSS student groups created and in motion.

  • First student-led assembly and student leadership teams authentically in motion and making an impact on a daily basis in our building.

  • Student-led learning is visible throughout the building on a daily basis!

  • Successful Community and Family Connections with Veterans’ Day and Mom’s Ornament Painting Breakfast.

  • And MUCH MORE!

Our team’s collective efficacy is growing because we have individual teammates who crave feedback and have growth mindsets as educators. Remember feedback and coaching are two of the most influential tools for gaining expertise and expanding our effect size of student learning in one school year. Keep doing what is right for kids and being the game changer in the classroom!

Weeks 14 & 15 At a Glance…

  • Monday 11/21 Dress Comfy!

    • 12:45 - 1st Grade Impact Team 12:45

    • 2:45 - Tornado Drill

    • 3:20 - 3:35 WOHE Staff Activity

    • 3:40 - 4:30 Eureka Math District PD

      • Celebrating where we are with EAA classroom protocol

      • Instructional Routines in Eureka Math

  • Tuesday 11/22 - Dress Comfy & PTO Pie Day for WOHE Staff!

    • 2nd Grade Impact Team 12:45

    • Be sure to make intentional memories with your students at some point during the day before Thanksgiving Break 🙂

  • Monday 11/28 - DRA & NWEA Window begins

    • Building wide goal celebration PJs and movie at lunch for students!

    • 3:20 - 3:30 Accountability Partners

    • 3:30 - 4:30 Goal Celebration/Updates?

  • Tuesday 11/29

    • Good Dad’s Quarterly Breakfast 7:00 - 8:15 am

    • DRA & NWEA Window

  • Wednesday 11/30 - Picture Retake Day & Impact Teams with Kristin & Luciana

    • 8:55-9:45- 3rd Grade - Unpacking L 3.4

    • 11:45-12:35- 2nd Grade - Retelling - Thin Slicing -EAA Team

    • 12:40-1:30 -1st Grade - Writing Thin Slicing

    • DRA & NWEA Window

  • Thursday 12/1

    • Lighthouse Meeting in Library @ 7:30 am

    • ELA LEAD Team Evidence Walk throughout the day

    • AMI practice with your classroom should be completed!

    • DRA & NWEA Window

  • Friday 12/2 - Fantastic Friday!

    • DRA & NWEA Window

Friendly Reminders the Next 2 Weeks…

  • Please plan on scheduling practice around AMI protocols with students so that they know how to log on to Google Meet with nicknames, understand the schedule, how to use tools on Google Meet, etc. Here is the WOHE AMI Expectations Google Slide

  • Be diligent to establish MTSS routines and procedures so that we can be diligent with Tier 2 and 3 academic supports.

    • Take data on how students are progressing at least once each week (this could be on Friday).

    • This will give us crucial information for our Monday, Dec 19th early out as we check in & regroup our students as well as identify students not growing that need to be taken to our SIT team on the

  • Look for opportunities for students to experience service leadership learning inside and outside of the classroom through academics, LEAD Time W/Th and student leadership team roles.

  • Student goal setting routines for students to have reflective conversations with their peers.

  • Janeen Plummer & Rebecca Preston will collaborate with Kristin on Tuesday to look at data of students they currently serve. They will take time to see if any students have made significant progress and are close enough to grade level or on grade level that they can graduate out. They will also identify any students not growing & seeking to find root cause as well as problem solve for these students. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in advance as we try to find a win-win for all parties if we need to shift students/groups around.