Importance of Instructional Coaches

Working with Teams to Support THEIR Needs

How can an ELA IC work with teams to support their needs?

There are multiple layers to an instructional coach's job. The IC will ultimately be a support system for the campus. My goal as an IC would be to ensure that students are receiving high quality instruction. By having the most up to date information from the district and campus administration, the IC can steer teams toward a common goal. In addition, as an IC, I will be knowledgeable of the content area so that I can assist in team meetings or independent conferences with teachers. This will also help teachers feel prepared to implement engaging, impactful lessons that will drive instruction to deeper levels. It is also essential to have team data, CAG, and any roadmaps planned by teams to ensure that instruction is aligned with the end in mind. My organizational skills will allow me to stay up to date with teachers, teams, campus, and district needs. Most importantly, I will maintain an open, honest relationship with the staff so that they feel supported and willing to come to me as their support so that we will be able to continue to grow as a campus. My open door, open mind policy will allow me to build relationships.