Digital Story telling

By: Aaron Tolete

My vision in the beginning of the Course

My vision was that I would be married, have 2 kids, and have moved into the city. My job would be able to support my family. I would be able to play the bills as well. I do like to Travel and Try new things. This was the fairy tell I thought of in the beginning of the course.

Skills, Interest, Strengths, and abilities

I am very good at math and science, I'm always focused, I'm very determined in things I want to get done. I'm Good at video games, Basketball, and dancing. My interest are trying new things, and traveling.

Career Interest and Salary-

My Career that I would like to pursue is a Surgeon. I've chosen this Career because I am very fond of how they work. I also like their salary which could pay good money. The highest salary I could get yearly is $285,000.
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The High school education I want to go to is Freehold Township, the extra courses i would be taking are The fine performing arts academy and medical science learning. These extra courses would help me pursue my future careers.


The college I would like to go to is Columbia University which is located in 116th St & Broadway, New York. The cost that I would have to pay to get in would be $55,161 a year. The GPA I need in order to be accepted is a 4.16 and the acceptance rate for that school is 6%.
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Where do I want to live?

I would want to live in the city mostly but if plans change I would live in L.A California. I wouldn't stay in my area(Freehold, New jersey) because I want to explore what the world has to offer me.



My strengths is that I'm very focused, determined, and I don't give up that easily. Science and Math are my Strengths as well.


I wouldn't really say I have weaknesses but obstacles in my future that would effect it would be one of my weaknesses. And my career plan not working would be my other weakness.


Being Able to become a surgeon or a performer would be my opportunities, these are the careers I want to have in my future.


One of my biggest threats would be my giving up and my mood swings. They would get in the way of my future and affect what I do.

Personalized Learning plan

Summary of everything

My strengths would be math, science, never giving up, always focused, and determined. This would help me throughout my life. Weaknesses I would have on the way would be obstacles that I would have to face, Threats which as mood swings and giving up would effect my future. And my opportunities would have to be becoming a surgeon or a performer. These jobs are important to me because I could support my future family and be able to afford the things I want and live in a nice home. Where I would would want to live would be either the City or Cali. My choices I make today will impact my future to see if I qualify for the opportunities and if I did something bad.

Hope you enjoyed my Presentation :D