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We Have a Reading Heart


Monday, February 22 - Garfield 7:45-11:30 and CCCMS 11:35-3:45
Tuesday, February 23 - CCCMS 7:45-11:00 and Lincoln 11:05-4:05
Wednesday,February 24 - Garfield 7:45-10:25 and CCCMS 10:30-3:45
Thursday, February 25 - CCCMS 7:45-11:00 and Lincoln 11:05-4:05
Friday, February 26 - No School


This week we are going to focus on Habit #4, Think Win-Win. During 3rd grade story time we will be reading 14 Cows for America, by Carman Agra Deedy. During 2nd grade story time we will be reading How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers by Mordicai Gerstein. We will be reading Lion vs. Rabbit by Alex Latimer during 1st grade story time. We will be reading Just a Little Bit by Ann Tompert during kindergarten story time.

Coming soon, the Lincoln Elementary book fair. More information will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Checkout our Lincoln home page.

On Friday we will see: No School on Friday P/T Comp Day

3rd Grade Burch and Fox -
2nd Grade Larson and Foster -
1st grade Weller and Lange -
Kindergarten Shannon and Thatcher -


Checkout our Garfield home page.

We will see Mr. Brummet's and McFargo's classes on Monday and we will See Mrs. Catlin's and Mrs. Galindo's classes on Wednesday for library lessons.

During 4th grade lessons this week we are going to continue to work on how to visualize as we read. We will review what we read the last time we were together and we will then learn how to visualize as we read a chapter book.

During 5th grade lessons the students will finish their poster and shelf commercial. The students are really learning about their shelves. I had a student ask for a book about Greek gods and another student said, "Oh that is our shelf, let me show you where they are." A very proud moment for me as they transition into independent library users.


Checkout our CCCMS home page.

I will be at the middle school half days Monday through Thursday. I will be at the middle school Monday and Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday and Thursday morning. Tasha Siemers will be working Monday through Wednesday all day and she will be in the library Friday morning.

We have scheduled class checkouts on Tuesday 6th hour (Mrs. Hallberg), Wednesday 3rd hour through 6th hour (Mrs. Yenni), and Thursday 1st hour through 3rd hour (Mr. DeBauche). During 8th hour on the following days, Monday (Mrs. Blake), Tuesday (Mrs. Hallberg), Wednesday (Mrs. Yenni), and Thursday (Mrs. Roth) the 6th grade language arts classes will be in the library for checkout.

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