Marika~By Andrea Cheng

By:Vanessa Rand


Marika by Andrea Cheng is about a girl and her family. Growing up in Budapest in the 1930s. She dreams about writing romantic novels and exploring far-off lands and this boy named Adam a quiet boy will finally hold her hand on the walk home from school. Marika's life is about to change in many ways she would never imagine. Then Adam, Anya, and her grandfather got taken away to a concentration camp in Auschwitz. Anya returned and she survived but know one knows how. Adam and her grandfather never returned. In 1944 Nazis invaded Hungary and her family is forced into hiding. Marika will have to use her smart intelligence to keep herself and her family alive. Read the book to find out more about Marika's life in World War II.

Concentration Camps

Auschwitz opened in 1940 and was the largest of the Nazi concentration camp and death camp. The concentration camps were there for detention for Jews and other people. It was like a jail for them to work at for people. Many people were also sent to gas chambers and used as slave labor. More then 1 million lost there lives when they were sent to this concentration camp.In January 1945 with the Soviet army approaching Nazi officials ordered the camp to be abandoned and sent an estimated 60,000 prisoners on a forced march to other locations. When the Soviets entered Auschwitz they found thousands of piles of corpses left behind.


I think the theme of my book would be if something around you is changing that doesn't mean you need to change. Marika life was changing in many ways when the World War II started and she was starting to also change because she had to be there for her family. Marika felt a distant from the war until it was coming to her family then she had to start to protect her family.


I think the author did a good job on this book but she didn't really explain what people did at the concentration camps or what happens to they people that went there and also what they did to go to the camp and what there punishment was. So I looked it up and found out what they did. She also could of told the readers more about what her other family members were in the book. I think she could of talked more about other characters instead of talking about just Marika and what she thought everyone was thinking. But over all I think she did good but I thought it could be just a little bit better.


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