Victimless Crime

Back Ground

Euthanaisa is greek for "Good Death". It is the act of killing or premitting death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relativley painful way fr reasons of mercy. it is the decsion to kill yourself or be kiled.

How it Works, The Solution ,Injection

Soduim Thiopental: Causes unconscious for a short period of time. Patient is able to regain conscious.

Pancorunim: Paralizes skeltal system.

Potasium Cloride: Causes the heart to stop. Death by heart attack.

The injection of the Euthanasia solution is usally but through an IV that in connected to the patients blood system

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Outside the USA

In other countries outside the United States, some in prison who are under a death sentence may under go the electric chair or blank shot death.
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Family Affection

Families can help assist with the decision of euthanasia, for example other than injection, taking a love one in a coma off of life support.

When a family member decides to take their own life by lethal injection, they are affected like any other death in a family. Commonly can be considerd as sucide, families may expreinece prolong sorrow, depression, or even feel that they may be a reason the victem commited this crime, though many doctors refuse to perticipate in euthanasia if they are not "Sick enough".


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