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Plaintiff and defendant

The person who accuses someone of a crime. The defendant is the person being accused. This part is the beginning.


The Plaintiff and the Defendant need something to argue about to go to court. The Complaint is the issue that the two people are trying to win over.


With a summons you have to appear at the court, its an order from the judge.


The basic positions of a party. For example if you are democratic you have your own pleadings or if you are republican you have your own also.

Pretrial conference

This is very important because you have to listen to what the judge tells you. The judge will tell the parties the step necessary for trial.


minimizes disagreement, makes things easier.


helps settle a dispute


evidence that is examined by a judge or jury that decides if guilty or not.

Preponderance of evidence

If more than 50% of the evidence points to something then who every has more wins the case.


The decision on the criminal case. Making the decision on if guilty or not.


Making a serious request