6th Grade Newsletter

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9/15 Tuesday:

PTO Fundraiser Ends! You can always choose to OPT OUT and donate to our fantastic PTO. They do an incredible job supporting teachers, students, and programs that make our school the best it can be! If you would like to donate, they have a Venmo account. Look up Manatee -PTO to donate via Venmo.

9/17 Thursday:

6th Grade Curriculum Night Via Zoom 5:30 - 6:30 pm.

9/18 Friday:

Early Release 1:15 pm.

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Classroom Connection

In math, we started chapter one in the textbook.

Students are learning powers and exponents.

Friday, we studied order of operations and we will continue that lesson on Monday.

We also will get into prime factorization and factor trees.

Lastly, we will hit greatest common factor and least common multiple.

I am still looking into getting started with our timed facts, but with the addition of eLearning and our COVID classrooms, this process has been a bit delayed.

There will be a quiz or two this week but our chapter 1 test won’t happen till the following week.

Classroom Connection

Comprehension Text ~ The ACES Phone ( Journeys textbook)

Focus skill ~ Analyzing characters and how they respond to events throughout the story.

Grammar and Vocabulary next week will be connected to above text.

(This a change of plans from the vocabulary mentioned in last week’s newsletter – those words will be pushed back to next week.)

Vocabulary words ~ torrent, accustomed, void, swiveled, clustered, transmissions, doleful, clamor, urgent, and coaxed.

Grammar ~ we will be reviewing types of nouns, appositives, capitalization in titles, and punctuation in quotations.

Upcoming tests:

Comprehension test for The ACES Phone, which will also include the vocabulary terms and our grammar skills that we will review, will be on Friday, Sept. 18th.

Classroom Connection

Topic: Investigating the Past- Students will learn how social scientists reconstruct the lives of prehistoric humans by examining images of cave paintings and other artifacts.

Essential Question: How do social scientists interpret the past?

Vocabulary Words: geographer, archaeologist, historian, prehistoric, ritual, artifact

Geography: Africa and Southwest Asia

Upcoming Quiz: TBD -New Vocab and Geography

Classroom Connection

Topic: Nature of Science

Essential Question: Why do scientists use the scientific method for science inquiry?

Terms: observation, inference, prediction, independent variable, dependent variable, control, hypothesis, scientific law, scientific theory

Lab: This is a thermal energy experiment to determine if the temperature of water affects the luminescence of a glow stick.

Upcoming Quiz:

Week of 9/18 : Nature of Science

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Contact Information

Mr. Zgonc (6th Grade Math)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46845

Mrs. Rumph (6th Grade ELA)


321-433-0050 Ext. 46846

Mrs. Wallace (6th Grade S.S. & SCI)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46834