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3 Boys Missing!

There are 3 12-year-old boys missing from St. Petersburg, Thomas Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Joe Harper. Sawyer is a perfect little boy, he has precious brown curls, big,brown, kind eyes and he was last seen wearing a tan shirt, as Aunt Polly described him. We could not find out much about Finn because his father did not cooperate. Harper, as his mother described him, is a sweet little boy he has straight blonde hair, bright, blue, eyes and was last seen in a red shirt. Their guardians are very worried and thinking they may be dead. Many assume that they all went swimming in the Mississippi and drowned. When a search party was sent out to The Mississippi River around St. Petersburg they were not found. They were last seen going to school, they never came back from school. If they are not found by then, the funeral will be held this Sunday. If you see either of the boys please let Aunt Polly or Sereny Harper know where you saw them.
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer book trailer

What To Know About The Adventures of Tom Sawyer!

The other day one of our interviewers interviewed the very famous Mark Twain about his new book, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". He asked only 3 questions because Mr.Twain had another important meeting.

IV= Interviewer MT= Mark Twain

IV- Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choos that particular allusion?

MV- I like all of the expression and action in that story. I thought it would be fun to write about especially with boys like Tom and Joe.

IV- I loved how you had a childs voice throuout the whole story. How were you able to do that so easily?

MV- I have always been a child at heart so it just kind of happened naturally. I mae myself into a kid everytime I worked.

IV- It was really cool how you used dialect in your work. How did you even get that idea?

MV- I wanted it to be as realistic as possible so I needed the dialouge to sound realistic, if you know what I mean.

IV- Thank You for joining us for this interview.

MV- It's my pleasure.

Those are some must know questions about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! I you haven't read it yet go out and buy yourself a copy because this is a must have book.

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