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Conn-West Elementary Newsletter - February 19th


Afternoon dismissal begins at 3:50 with loading all of our students that are bus riders. We start dismissing students for parent pick up once all of our bus riders are loaded and the busses have departed. Parent pick up begins close to 4:05 pm. Thank you for your patience with dismissal.

PTA Board Members Needed

Are you looking for a way to become involved in our school? Do you have amazing ideas for our school that you want to share with other parents and staff members? PTA is looking for individuals that are interested in taking over two of the officer positions for the next school year.
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Bus Drivers Needed

Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life? Are you looking for a schedule that is the same as your students, health insurance, paid days off, and more? Our school district is seeking talented individuals to drive our school buses. We offer paid training to get your Class B CDL. Please apply online at or call the transportation department at 816-316-5175 and we will assist you with the process.

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Elementary Inclement Weather Alternate Method of Instruction Days Plan

This school year our inclement weather days will be different for staff and students. In the past, during inclement weather school would be canceled for teachers and students. Now that the state of Missouri has allowed districts to have distance learning from home, we have the opportunity to use our inclement weather days as an Alternate Method of Instruction days or AMI distance learning days. All students will follow the AMI schedule even if a student attends virtually or an AMI day falls on a day that students would not be attending in-person instruction at school.

What happens during AMI distance learning days?

On the AMI days, teaching will be effectively facilitated, utilizing the electronic distance learning platform (Canvas).

An AMI day will include, but not be limited to:
● Completion and submission of lessons and activities
● Independent practice and application of previously taught concepts
● Apps or web-based software to teach/reinforce concepts
● Assigned reading, study, or activity to introduce new concepts

How many AMI distance learning days can we use?
District officials may claim up to 36 calendar hours and the associated attendance during any one school year using our AMI plan.

What does an AMI distance learning day look like for students?
● Students should check their online learning platform (Canvas) by 9:00 am to see what the teacher has planned on the modified agenda for the day.
● The Zoom expectation is that students will complete a 30-minute lesson in reading and a 30-minute lesson in math, with additional small group instruction and meetings as needed.
● There will be a posted assignment or project that the student must show either progress or completion (depending on the stated expectation from the teacher).
● Attendance will not be counted for those students who do not virtually attend an AMI day. Students must log into Canvas and complete any posted assignment for that day for a positive attendance to be marked. A student who fails to log into Canvas will be counted as “absent” for that AMI day.
● All special services will be provided if the service would normally fall on that day and will be arranged during the asynchronistic time block.

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Student Tech Support

If you are having difficulty with a student device, first check out the website - it has a lot of great info and helpful tips to troubleshoot on your own. Still having issues? Email the helpdesk and someone will return the call within 24 hours. Wanting to talk to someone live? Call! Just be aware that they are experiencing a high call volume and your wait time may be extended.

CALL: 816-316-4650



You Can Find Bus Information By Clicking on the Following Link

Click here for bus information. Enter your address to find your school of attendance & the bus route.

Here Comes the Bus App

We are excited to launch the Here Comes the Bus App provided by the Grandview C-4 Transportation Department. The Here Comes the Bus App will allow you to track your child’s bus in real-time and receive push notifications, set up alerts to notify you when your child scans on and off the bus. You can use the app on your smartphone device or on your computer by visiting You and your student will need to sign up by following the instructions below.

How to Sign up:

  • Download Here Comes Comes the Bus app or visit

  • Click the “Sign Up” button

  • Enter school code 29438 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm”

  • Complete the “User Profile” box

  • Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number (located in Parent Portal)

  • Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin.

How Students Sign up

  • Download Here Comes Comes the Bus app or visit

  • Click the “Sign Up” button

  • Enter school code 29438 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm”

  • Complete the “User Profile” box

  • Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter student’s last name and student ID number (located in Parent Portal)

  • Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin.

For more information or for FAQ’s you can visit You can also email with any questions.

Joke of the Day

Click here to submit a Joke of the Day to be read on our daily announcements.

Please Join Our School and Grade Level Facebook groups.

The Winter Weather Is Here

Please see the following outdoor recommendations for cold weather that we will follow:

Between 50-30 degrees Fahrenheit

Regularly scheduled outdoor play times

Between 29-20 degrees Fahrenheit

15-20 minutes maximum outdoor play times

Between 19 degrees Fahrenheit and below

No outdoor play time

We ask children to have winter outerwear such as a winter coat, hat, and gloves each day during the winter season.

Please Label Your Child’s Outerwear

Please put a name somewhere on your child’s coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts. We donate hundreds of items of clothing and accessories at the end of every year because we cannot identify their owners and they aren’t claimed. Thank you for your help! With a name inside, your child’s clothing is never really lost.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Conn-West is now part of an exciting program called Breakfast in the Classrooms. This program will give your child the opportunity to eat a well-balanced nutritious, complimentary breakfast everyday in their classroom. Complimentary breakfast means that the breakfast is provided at no charge to all students in the school. Breakfast will be delivered to each classroom at the beginning of each school day. Breakfast is served in the classrooms from 8:40 am until 9:00 am. If your child is a car rider and you would like for them to eat at school, please have them at school before 9:00 am. By having breakfast in the classroom instead of the cafeteria, we will have happier kids and a morning that starts them off in a calm atmosphere in their own classroom with their friends. Other benefits of breakfast in the classroom are improved academic performance, fewer trips to the nurse with stomachaches, reduced absenteeism/tardiness, and improved nutrition.

Grandview School District is Hiring Bus Drivers

The Grandview School District is hiring bus drivers. Please visit for more information.

Covid-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 dashboard provides updates on the total number of confirmed cases for the week as well as the total number of people quarantined due to exposure for the week.
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Parent-Teacher Communication

Communication between parents and teachers is vital for our student’s success. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers with questions, concerns, or to share information

about your child. Please understand that teachers may not be available to speak with parents during instructional time, but will make every effort to return calls during their planning time

or after school. Teachers can be reached by phone or email. Please do not hesitate to call or email the teacher or the school office if you have questions regarding your child’s


School Day Hours

The school day begins at 9:05 am and ends at 3:55 pm. Students

may enter the building at 8:40 am. Please do not drop your child off

before 8:40 am unless they are enrolled in LINC. Breakfast will be served in the classroom from 8:40 am until 9:00 am.

Transportation and After School Changes

If your child’s mode of transportation or after school routine is going

to change for the day, please notify the main office

@ (816) 316- 5225 prior to 3:00 pm to ensure that your child arrives

at the appropriate destination.

New Student ID

At device distribution, your student received an ID card. This card will serve as their library check out card, lunch/breakfast account card, bus ID card, school ID, etc. This one card will serve multiple purposes. Please be sure to keep it in a safe place. Once we return to school, students will need to bring their id card to school every day.

PTA Information

The Conn-West PTA is a group of parents and school staff that work together to plan exciting programs for the school and encourage parent participation in school activities. Click here for more information.

Click here to join PTA.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is currently available for students through New Directions Behavioral Health. The program can provide free services to students and families including up to three face-to-face short term counseling sessions, on-site crisis management, 24-hour toll-free phone assistance, and a health resource library.

This is available to our families via referral by school counselors or by you calling the New Directions Help Line at 1-855-340-6487. All students and/or guardians can access the Help Line at any time, as it is open 24 hours each day, every day of the year. Students 18 and older can schedule counseling appointments on their own.

For more information, you may visit Select ‘For Individual Families.’ Then select ‘Student Assistance Program.’ The school code for our district is: GrandviewSAP.

Additional information on New Directions’ Student Assistance Program is attached. If you have any further questions we encourage you to reach out to your school's counseling office.

We are truly excited to offer this resource to our families.