Tulare Joint Union High School District Newsletter Fall 2019

A Message from the Superintendent

I welcome you to the 2019-2020 academic year. It is an honor to be serving as the Superintendent of the Tulare Joint Union High School District (TJUHSD). The District is committed to the Vision and Mission established by the Board of Trustees:

Our vision is that students will have the 21st-century skills and knowledge through meaningful and relevant learning opportunities to empower them to contribute to a global society productively.

Our mission is to empower all students to graduate with college, career, and life readiness skills.

Here is some information about TJUHSD for 2019-2020:

The Tulare Joint Union High School District has implemented a Pro-Youth After-School program for 2019-2020. The District received a grant to provide additional support and enrichment to students during the after school hours. The schools participating in this program are Tulare Union, Tulare Western, Mission Oak, and Accelerated Charter High School. Each school site will offer academic support and enrichment classes such as robotics, weight training, and dance. We are excited to provide these support and enrichment classes to our students.

The District is in the process of reviewing new boundary changes to meet the demand of increasing enrollment at Tulare Western. The objective will be to distribute student enrollment as equitable as possible among our three comprehensive high schools. The goal is to consider all the options this school year and possibly implement in the 2020-2021 school year. We invite the community to attend the board meetings to give input on the boundary change.

We will continue to put the safety of our students as our number one priority and ensure that our sites remain safe and secure. The District has police officers on every campus along with additional security guards. The District collaborates with the Tulare Police Department to ensure each campus provides a safe and welcoming environment.

Best wishes to all for a successful year!

Changes in School Hours for 2019-2020

Tulare Joint Union High School District has changed its school schedule for 2019-2020. Prior to this school year, TJUHSD had 4 main schedules: regular schedule, Friday schedule, winter schedule, and a minimum day schedule. In order to simplify our schedules, while still being considerate of the foggy season, TJUHSD established 8:30 am as the official start time Monday through Thursday and 3:30 pm as the official end time. On Fridays, school starts at 9:30 am to allow teachers to collaborate on their curriculum and instruction. The end time on Friday remains at 3:30 pm.

During the winter season, our district will continue to use our Foggy day schedule when appropriate. Foggy day updates are shared with parents and students through our Aeries Communication system. Updates can also be found on our website and through local television stations.

Our 2019-2020 calendar also includes 4 minimum days: Back to School Night (August 27th), PSAT Day (October 16th), and the last two days of school (June 3rd and 4th). The release time for minimum days is 1:05 pm, except for PSAT day students will be released at 1:15 pm in order to have ample time for the assessment.


TJUHSD is constructing two new classroom buildings, one at the Farm and the other at Tulare Union.

New Ag Facilities

This new classroom building at the district’s High School Farm will be completed toward the end of September. This facility will provide students with new modern labs and additional classroom space.

Tulare Union two-story building

This building will add 5 additional modern Science classrooms and 4 additional general classrooms that will be used by the World Language teachers. In addition, it will provide added safety to the campus by having a central entry to the campus. The completion date for this project will be at the end of December 2019.

Employee of the Year

Every year the Tulare County Office of Education recognizes employees who exemplify exceptional qualities and commitment to Tulare County students. The Tulare Joint Union High School District selects those employees that are representative of their duty to students in our district. Annual winners, finalists, and nominees are recognized at a fall breakfast held at the Visalia Convention Center. The nominees, winners, and finalists for Tulare Joint Union High School District are listed below.

Classified Employee of the Year-Nominee

Johanna Ayon- Attendance Clerk, Mission Oak High School

Johanna works diligently to continue maintaining her school’s high attendance rate. Every thought, plan, or idea that Johanna shares always revolve around what’s best for the students. She worked with administrators to develop a tardy policy implemented this year. Johanna has also served as the summer school secretary for the district since 2006. In the past 13 years, she has supported summer school, working with seven different summer school principals. Johanna has been the one constant to develop, plan, and assist the principal with our district’s summer school program.

Administrator of the Year-Nominee

Dr. Michelle Nunley- Principal, Tulare Union High School

Michelle provides the leadership and supervision for all 1,750 students at Tulare Union High School. She leads a staff of over 140 employees, with the overarching goal of student achievement. This goal is confirmed based on a graduation rate of 98.5%. It also resonates with Tulare Union’s athletic programs being highly successful. It is quite evident how the efforts of her leadership promote student achievement and a vibrant school tradition.

Teacher of the Year –Tulare County Office of Education -Winner

Dr. Tabby Grabowski- Literacy Coach/Teacher- Tulare Union High School

If you talk to any student that has ever had Tabby as a teacher, they will tell you that she makes learning fun. She has the innate ability to inspire students to learn in a non-traditional classroom; whether it be walking into the smell of freshly made pancakes or an inspirational activity that focuses on character education, Tabby’s students always enter her class excited to find out what’s in store for them. She continually implements new and innovative curriculum and teaching strategies to challenge her students and consistently makes learning fun. All students are held accountable for their learning and know that she will accept nothing less than their personal best.

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