Do You Always Get Your Five a Day?

Here's an easy way to get your five servings - EVERY DAY!!

Introducing Five a Day+

All too often our western diet, busy lifestyles and modern farming methods mean we get too little nutritional value from our food. Each recommended serving of this powerful green supplement provides the nutritional equivalent of 5 – 7 servings of fresh fruit and veg in one go. At less than 12 calories per serving and with no sugar, artificial additives, preservatives or colourings, Five a Day + is a convenient way of guaranteeing a healthy intake of natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.

Jessica Alba, Actress

Five a Day+ is formulated by renowned Hollywoods "Nutritionist to the stars" Dr. Bo Wagner.

'I use Dr Bo Wagner's super green food every day on waking because it gives me the vitamins and antioxidants I need'

Available in both powder or capsules and various sizes

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