November 2017-Weekly Newsletter

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When trying to figure out how to start a new method of communication, it became more and more obvious; start with a great big THANK YOU!

Wow! What a fantastic and fast paced first quarter of school! The work that has been done to create conditions for effective collaboration has been outstanding. Similarly, the level of engagement and deep thinking involved in prioritizing standards and, for some, the development of early proficiency scales has been incredible. We are appreciative of the work done both inside and outside of the classroom in the first nine weeks of school. Our students will no doubt benefit from the commitment made by our teachers.


By 2022, all Uinta County School District Number One schools will be certified as High Reliability Schools in Levels 1, 2 and 3.
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Horizon High School Egg Drop

The standard was: HS-PS2-3 which says; "Apply scientific and engineering ideas to design, evaluate, and refine a device that minimizes the force on a macroscopic object during a collision".

Denise Barker, science teacher at HHS, says she adapted that directly into the learning objective: "I can design a device that minimizes the force on an object during a collision".

The students were given a "budget" of fake money to buy supplies for their devices (i.e., a balloon cost $20). They had to stay within their budgets (students pretended they were contractors hired by someone) to build a device to protect the egg from being dropped off the roof. Each team was given the same materials to choose from and no outside materials could be used. The class had been studying Newton's Laws of Motion, acceleration, balanced/unbalanced forces, etc...


These photos are of third grade students celebrating their writing success with parents and one another. Congratulations on the amazing job sharing your stories! Keep up the great work!


Obviously we have missed many birthdays from August to October. Please accept our sincere belated Happy Birthday wishes!
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Our goal is to provide a weekly update that shares a little information about how we're reaching our district goals, and most importantly, share some of the great things we see taking place in our district. Click above to share your ideas!

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