Digital Citizenship

Grades 5 and 6

Digital Citizenship

Digital Etiquette

All of us have an online presence - from the first text message, document comment or email we send. If we recognize and use the good manners of the internet, we can communicate clearly, but if we don't, we may be misunderstood or we might even offend people we care about. Here are some Brainpop resources that can help us navigate the topic of Digital Etiquette.

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Brainpop Movie - Digital Etiquette

Brainpop Movie - Social Networking

Brainpop Game - Share Jumper

Digital Responsibility

There are so many ways that the internet brings us resources and opportunities that were not available to people in the past. There are privileges you enjoy that kids in our school may not have had just ten years ago, and these come with a responsibility to be trustworthy and respectful. Here is a Nearpod lesson about Social Media Responsibilities that can clarify the issues.


Digital Footprint

Every time you use the internet, you leave a footprint. You can see these in the history of your browser, your past emails and documents in Google, and your posts on social media. There are even more footprints that you cannot see, and many of these footprints can never be erased. Your digital footprint says a lot about you - guard it carefully!

Digital Footprint Template

Digital Safety