Animal Farm


snowball was a very smart character. He helped lead the animals into improving. Snowball was also very brave. He led the aniamls into battle. One of his quotes was "war is war, the only good human being is a dead one. The signifacance of this quote is to show us that he hates huamns with all his heart.

Napolean's Take Over

Ever sense the beginning all that Napolean wanted was power. The only way he wanted this to happen was to get rid of Snowball. From the beginning He would take the puppies from their mothers. He would take the dogs and the mothers would never see them again. He would take the puppies away from their mothers to train them, to one day attack and scare off Snowball. One day at a conferance Snowball went to the podium to talk and Napolean sent the dogs to attack Snowball and scare him away. Snowball as expected ran off never to be seen again.

Building The Windmill

Snowball always had an idea to make a windmill in the farm. Unfortunately he was ran off the farm from the big mean Napolean dogs. When Napolean took over he had the idea to make the animals of the farm work. The animals worked but Boxer always worked harder than all the animals. They were very close to finishing it when one night it was destroyed. They all thought that it was Snowball that came back to get revenge for Napolean running him off the farm. They rebuilt it again, but it was ince again destroyed. This time it was destroyed by the farmers that blew it to dust. They were able to explode the windmill but they were not able to take over the farm again. Boxer worked harder and harder every day to make the windmill until one day he demolished his lungs and died. The animals worked as a big group to continue to make many more windmills after that.

Beast of England

This was the song of independence that Snowball made up when they won their independence from the farmers. They would sing this song at every meeting that they had and it was a very special and patriotic song to the animals. When Napolean took control this song was prohibited to be sung ever again. Napoleans reason to not sing this song was beacause it was a very bad and rebellious song. The rebellion had now passed so he instead made up a song about himself and would make the poor animals sing about him instead.