Elements and Compounds

By: Mason Peña Hour 6

Pure Substance

A pure substance is a substance that in which there is only one particle.

Characteristics of Elements

Elements can be identified by its unique set of properties. For example, each element has its own characteristic properties.



-Boiling Point

-Melting Point


Identifying Elements by Their Properties

You can see the differences in the different elements. The different densities and the different colors and shape of the elements.

How an Element Can be Made into a Compound

When 2 elements combine undergoing chemical change.

Properties of Compounds

Physical Property: What the object looks like.

Chemical Property: What the happens when something chemically happens to the object.

How a Compound can be Broken into an Element

Some compounds can be broken down by chemical changes. Other compounds are broken down by other chemical changes.

Examples of Common Compounds

  • Food that you consume
  • School supplies that is being used
  • Clothing that is being worn
  • You are a compound

A Common Mixture Being Broke Down

A magnet can be used to help separate the different metals from others, they will pick the metals that are metallic. A centrifuge helps separate the different parts of the blood into different layers.