Easter is " hopping " up!!

Are you ready? ;)

Easter Sunday

Jesus and his disciples were walking to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. When they were nearly there, Jesus sent two of his friends for a donkey. As he rode into Jerusalem, people saw Jesus coming and covered the path with their garments and palm leaves. Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus' disciples went to them in secret and told them he would betray him. The priests and elders gave Judas thirty pieces of silver. He told them he would have to go away the next day to be with his Father in heaven. So that they would remember him Jesus broke some bread and said 'This is my body. Take it and eat it and remember me.' Then he took a cup of wine and told them that it was his blood. They should drink it and remember him.

Why We Have Easter Sunday

Why do we have Easter Sunday

We have Easter Sunday because we are celebrating Jesus. We celebrated Easter Sunday because this is when Jesus came back to life. He died on the day which is now called Good Friday and came alive on witch is now called Easter Sunday. Please remember that Easter Sunday is not about the candy and goodies it's about Jesus when he came back to life.