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APRIL 2020

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Hello Families!

I want to start by saying that WE MISS YOU A LOT!!! Below is some advice from the Child Mind Institute that I found helpful. Please take care of yourselves.

When you’re a parent, self-care often slips to the bottom of the list. But taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s essential. And during this difficult time, when children are home and stress is running high, it’s more important than ever.

Make time for yourself

This could look like taking a shower or bath, walking around the block alone (or with your dog), or designating time to read or simply zone out after the kids have gone to bed.

Prioritize healthy choices

Make sure you’re eating properly, try to get enough sleep, and create a routine that includes physical activity.

Be realistic

Avoid burnout by setting realistic expectations and giving yourself grace if you can’t meet them. There’s no playbook for this. Remember you’re doing your best during a very difficult time. Cut yourself some slack.

Set boundaries

If you have a friend or family member who’s in the habit of sending worst-case-scenario news or is prone to sending anxiety-provoking text messages, practice a little emotional distancing. Let them know you sympathize but that you’re taking a break from worrying news.

Reconnect with things you enjoy

Think proactively of things you can do with this enforced time at home. Get back in touch with hobbies or activities you enjoy but rarely have time for, or make the choice to learn a new skill.

Finally, remember, being kind to yourself will not only help you stay calm during this difficult time, it will help ensure that you have the bandwidth you need to take good care of your family. When you’re running on fumes, caring for others can tax your already depleted resources to breaking point.


Mrs. Abele and Ms. Kaempffe

State Road Learning Menu

To our State Road Families

Below is the link for our learning menu.

State Road Learning Menu

This includes:

  • Grade level menus
  • Ideas for Art, Gym, Music
  • Math, ELA & Science menus
  • Even Virtual Field Trips!

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We Love Our Students!

Check out what our Eagles are doing this month!

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Kindergarten is having fun meeting with their friends on Zoom! We are excited for our upcoming theme days!

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To our Fabulous Firsties, Here is a surprise from your teachers! We miss you!

Learn to Draw Mercy Watson with Chris Van Dusen!
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The second grade teachers are missing our students' smiling faces! Each morning when the flood of children flow down the hall, we look forward to the day's adventures with our second grade friends. But rest assured, we four teachers have been connecting remotely and are developing exciting ways to continue our learning and growing together.

All of our students and their families remain in our hearts and on our minds. Wishing you health and safety. We WILL get through this together!


Mrs. Mascho, Mrs. Yates, Mrs. Barrette and Mrs. Wyland

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We hope all of our families are well, reading together, playing games, and practicing math facts. The third grade team genuinely appreciates all of your support as we navigate learning from home together. Please continue to stay connected as we evolve our learning process. We hope to see you all soon! We miss you!

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Mrs. Peters & Mrs. Laycock's 4th grade class enjoyed a morning zoom meeting!

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State Road Library News


Don’t worry about your checked out library books!

Read them, care for them and return them when school is open again.

Many wonderful online literacy resources and eBooks are FREE right now!

Visit the Library Resource Page for more info. CLICK HERE

3rd & 4th Grade Online Reading Clubs!

If you would like to read a book together and chat about it and get suggestions for more books to read, join our reading clubs. Reading begins April 13th!

3rd Grade: Go to Google Classroom, ADD A NEW CLASSROOM with this code: 3uzals5

4th Grade: Go to Google Classroom, ADD A NEW CLASSROOM with this code: c4nba6f

5th Grade Battle of the Books is STILL ON!

Keep reading!

Webster librarians and 5th grade teachers are working on the schedule and details and will keep you posted!

Go to the 5th grade Battle of the Books Google Classroom to chat and keep up with everything!

Go to Google Classroom, ADD A NEW CLASSROOM with this code: 6cpc7ls

Send an email for reading suggestions, research help, if there is anything you need, or just to say hi!

Follow the library on social media for information and fun!

FB: StateRoadLibrary Instagram: state.road.library Twitter: StateRdLibrary

From the Webster Public Library

Webster Public Library is closed but in lieu of their regular programming, they are providing a weekly newsletter that includes stories, craft ideas and more. You may access their latest newsletter at

Please note, this event, activity, or program is not sponsored by Webster CSD. Approval does not imply endorsement, but is a courtesy service to the community.


Dear OneWebster Families,

We are like much of the rest of the world; trying to anticipate what might happen next, how to best take care of our students and families, and digesting the news cycle that is now reduced to a single hour.

We expect guidance from the state and all affiliated organizations at any time. There are so many simultaneous priorities, it isn’t possible to disentangle the Governor’s office from the Monroe County Health Department, or the federal government from the State Education department. Local superintendents in daily Zoom conferences allow county leadership to share, inform, and support one another. All are working tirelessly to answer questions about the remainder of the school year: Regents exams, Budget and Board of Election votes, and the myriad of functions that when disrupted require our most brilliant and competent leaders to devise solutions.

Social media has never been more critical in maintaining our connections to one another. We wholeheartedly applaud teachers and staff and their creativity in reaching our students. The efforts on behalf of all staff to provide meals, security and instruction may well result in a new and deepened respect for the employees of OneWebster district by the very students who we all serve. We know they wish for “normal” again.

Our collective essential skills are being developed whether we are cognizant or not:

· Resilience – The challenges faced by our entire community encourage us to emerge stronger and aspire to be better.

· Perseverance – The satisfaction of not giving up despite unknown and changing obstacles will provide rewards we do not yet know.

· Collaboration – Truly working together to find solutions to a challenge we have never faced before creates bonds and connections that matter.

· Integrity – We know that in times of difficulty our truest selves are tested; our words and our beliefs will allow us to be proud of how we handle our responsibilities.

· Time Management – Parents who are now tasked with home schooling in addition to the pressures of working from home, or not being able to work at all, have incredible expectations before them, and await a return to normal routines and jobs.

· Self-Management – For students planning their day, the need to balance online schoolwork and tasks, an appropriate amount of screen time and hopefully time to be outdoors can help them cope.

· Communication – The ability of everyone to express thoughts and emotions with respect and kindness will aid immensely because we really are all in this together.

Try to monitor news intake so it doesn’t overwhelm, especially before bed. Sleep is most essential to our health and all the worries and concerns may make it difficult to fall asleep. Instead read a book, listen to some music, meditate or write in a journal; you need to be physically and mentally healthy before you can help others.

Of utmost importance is stemming the community spread of COVID-19; it requires all of us to take part. Please continue to adhere to the precautions that, if heeded, will help us resume our lives more than anything else possibly can.


Tammy Gurowski

Linda Dioguardi

Mike Alt

Sue Casey

Maria RIgillo

Janis Strege

Mike Suffoletto

For additional information, please visit Webster CSD’s Coronavirus Info web page.

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