Kindergarten Weekly

Setember 26-29, 2016

Fridays at Home

-Have your child retell The Three Little Javelinas; illustrate their favorite part of the book
-Trace and write letters a, g, t, c, o, b, m, n, u
-Practice writing numbers 1-3; sing the number song for each one
-Practice all trick words (we have several new ones!)
-Read and record pages in passports

A Peek in Our Week

There was lots of singing, "Oh We're Going on a Journey to the Desert", and a lot of coyote howls as we enjoyed our time in the desert habitat. We loved our desert story, The Three Little Javelinas (especially acting it out), as well as making potato cactus, road runner drawings, and playing in the sand with all kinds of desert critters; what a super fun week!

Here's What's Coming Up This Week

Language Arts-Practice letter sounds, vowels/consonants, trick words, sky writing and letter formation, basic sentence structure, syllables, rhyming words, and introduce the letters d & s. We will also start our Ouch! writing project.

Saxon Math-Match number cards to set of objects, create and read fall AB color patterns, act out story problems, identify ordinal positions, practice writing number 4

Bible-We will review this month's whole memory passage, Ephesians 2: 4-9, and will read about the Tower of Babel and God's call to Abraham.

Around the World-This week we will go opposite from the hot desert as we head to the Arctic habitat! Our book of the week is an Inuit story, Mama Do You Love Me? We will learn about some Arctic animals, about people who live in the Arctic (and taste some of their food), do a picture study of, as well as recreate, The Shivering Arctic, create some land art in our nature study time, and have lots of Arctic play in centers.

Reminders- Box Tops are due October 20th! Please send them in a ziplock bag, pretrimmed, and labeled "kindergarten." Thanks!

Overheard in class-Student: "Mrs. Parker, do you live with Mrs. Rosser?"
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A howling good time in the desert!