Summertime...Keep Learning!

Get a Jump Start to Succeed in the Next Grade

1-1 Reading/Writing/Literature /Math/Handwriting Workshops

The Thinking Center has been providing strategic interventions and trainings since 1991. This summer is no different, and we have individualized programs for elementary, middle and high school students who need more practice to close gaps for the upcoming year or who need to maintain skills or who need to get ahead.

Get Them Enthused about Reading and Writing (12 or 24 sessions; 1-2 Hour Sessions)

Our summer intensive reading, writing and literature program runs from June 3rd through August 8, (excluding the week of July 4th). Expect the following:

  1. Pre-assessment to customize literature study

  2. 'ACT IT OUT' to strengthen oral reading, expression, fluency, and visualization

  3. Novel studies individualized to match each child’s interest & reading level

  4. Innovative, engaging, Writing Lab Activities

  5. Phono-Graphix Skill Building

  6. Reading Skills & Strategies Immersion

  7. 'Build That Vocabulary!'

  8. Fluency Training & Practice

  9. Post-assessment of outcome-based learning

Summer is a great time to refocus and recharge. Students who engage in reading, writing, and literature programs during the summer are more motivated and prepared for the upcoming school year.

Call ROSE and Schedule a Summer Literacy Adventure! 941.924.6373

Mathematics for Mastery: I CAN Do MATH!!

While we focus on getting the summer packets and assignments completed, we also get to the gut of mathematics: visualizing numerical patterns and increasing fluency.

Students who have a solid number sense "use numbers flexibly," according to Stanford Professor Jo Boaler. She continues, "For example, when asked to solve the problem of 7 x 8, someone with number sense may have memorized 56, but they would also be able to use a strategy such as working out 10 x 7 and subtracting two 7s (70-14)."

We emphasize play and focus on the visual and symbolic representation of the numbers which leads to improved memory. We want our students to recognize patterns and connect them to solve math facts which ultimately reduces anxiety and gives students confidence about math. We teach students how to talk math!


Handwriting and Fluency Training Improves Classroom Performance

If your child or teen struggles with remembering the difference between lower and upper case print or cursive letters, writing automatically, and/or forming letters from the top down, then we can help improve that. Combining fluency practice from Listen Write Learn from Neuronet and structured writing from Handwriting Without Tears, students practice mastery of the sequence of the English written letter and sound system. Usually 12 sessions sets a student up with a more comfortable tripod hand grip, increases handwriting endurance, and automates the written letter system for improved processing. Some students need more and some need less, but if poor handwriting mechanics is a barrier to outcome based learning, then SCHEDULE your appointments for improvements! CALL ROSE at 941.924.6373.

SAT & ACT PREP FOR 2019-2020: Boost Your Skills & Confidence

IF your teen has taken their PSAT and you have the scores that is a good place to start to understand strengths and weaknesses. Colleges do not need both scores, so it is good to choose one test over the other and dive into the tricks of the trade to achieving the score you desire. First rule of thumb, find out the scores of your college picks and then set your goal to get within or above the range! Second rule of thumb, if you struggle with learning, then hire a 1-1 coach who will help you practice and boost your confidence. Third, start the process at least 12 weeks prior to the actual test date. At The Thinking Center, we practice 1.5 hours in each subject if necessary or three hours weekly until the test date.


Learning Through Movement: Neuronet

ENGAGE, PRACTICE, ASSESS! We are a Step Up to Learn (Neuronet) Provider Clinic to help students create automaticity to improve fluency so learning goes easier! It is a home program, but we can integrate it into our 1-1 training sessions for math, reading or writing. If your child or middle school child/preteen struggles with timing and fluency to keep up within their class, ask us about how to improve that! It is the only movement program that helps close the gaps.

KEEP Learning Throughout the Summer!

Tuesday, June 5th 2018 at 9am to Thursday, Aug. 9th 2018 at 6pm

5949 Approach Road

Sarasota, FL

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