Anti-War Movement


Why I Chose This Topic?

I chose this topic because i found it interesting and it was a big part of the Vietnam war. A lot of Americans didn't want to be apart of the war and felt strongly about not being apart of it. They felt as if American soldiers shouldn't have even stepped foot into Vietnam and had no business being there.
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A string of protesters sitting down in a line across the street in Oakland.

Facts about the Anti-War Movement

  • The Anti-war Movement was started when people began to criticize our part in the war, saying American lives were being lost for no reason
  • Hippies were very important in the Anti-War movement, they were the main group who participated in the protests
  • the first mass demonstration took place in December 1964 gathering more than 600 people in San Francisco,
  • On October 21, 1967, some 100,000 protesters gathered at the Lincoln Memorial; around 30,000 of them continued in a march on the Pentagon later that night
  • In March 1965, 2,500 students attended a protest organized by professors in the University of Michigan. This model was spread to 35 campuses throughout the country.
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A girl protester standing in front of soldiers guns during an Anti-war protest