TestRX Review, How Does it Work?

Unbiased Review of TestRX, How it Works, Ingredients & More

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In this our unbiased review of TestRX, you will learn the following;

1. What is TestRX?

2. Benefits of TestRX

3. How Test RX Works

4. TestRX Ingredients

5. TestRX Side Effects, Is TestRX Safe?

6. TestRX Results, Testimonies, Reviews

7. TestRX Prices

8. Other TestRX FAQ's

9. Where to Buy TestRX

1. What is TestRX?

TestRX is a natural testosterone booster from Leading Edge Health. It's got some of the best and scientifically studied Testosterone boosters in the business. In fact, just one of the ingredients in TestRX has shown in clinical studies to boost testosterone by up to ​42%.

TestRX is formulated with vitamins, amino acids and botanicals like tongkat ali that have shown in clinical studies to boost production of this masculine hormone, testosterone.

A study published in 2013 found tongkat ali increased testosterone by 37%. Another ingredient in TestRX, TT, has shown to boost testosterone by 52% - and sex drive, bone thickness, depression and sleep quality all improved with ingredients in the TestRX fomula.

Have you heard about low testosterone? You may actually know it more intimately than you'd like because estimates put the number of guys with low testosterone at one in three men over 30. And yet hormone replacement therapy is a whole can of worms you'd rather not pursue.

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The talk of the health community recently has been a new product called TestRX. The reason? It occupies a unique space for guys with low T. It's not aimed at guys who just want to put on muscle. Instead, it's formulated for the unique challenges than men face with low testosterone after age 45.

Guys, once they hit 45 and slowly march into their higher years. The average man loses 10% of testosterone each decade after. And that's just average. There are many guys who lost 90% of their testosterone by the time they're 70.

TestRX has no testosterone in its formula. That's why it's not a steroid. Instead, it's designed to stimulate your own testosterone naturally, with ingredients that have shown in clinical studies spanning decades to gently awaken the male body and put sex drive, bone density, greater muscle tone and more energy back within reach.

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2. Benefits of TestRX

TestRX lets you get that testosterone back, naturally, and without hormone replacement. And with that, it helps men raise their quality of life, with benefits including:

Bigger and More Frequent Erections - Testosterone governs your penis size and your ability to get and keep wood.

Increased Muscle Tone - Testosterone is responsible for protein synthesis - the building block of bigger pipes. In particular, you'll see a difference in upper and lower body composition.

More Strength - One of the ingredients in TestRX, called fenugreek, increased leg press performance by over 25%.

Thicker Bones - TestRX should help you thicken bones too, and lower your chance of falls and bone fractures.

More Energy - You'll have more energy with TestRX, and be in a better mood too, because low testosterone often leads to depression.

TestRX Review, What is TestRX, TestRX Benefits

3. How Test RX Works

TestRX works by Boosting Testosterone Naturally. That's the skinny on TestRX. It's a dietary supplement that men take to boost testosterone naturally and fight low Testosterone without hormone replacement therapy.

Take TestRX to feel like a man at any age, whether you're 52 or 87, and lift your overall quality of life and enjoy your relationships with others.

TestRX is not a Steroid. Steroids are a class of drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone. Steroids have anabolic properties, meaning the ability to 'build up', which is why they're often abused by athletes and some body builders.

Keep in mind too these same people use testosterone in very high quantities - far more than the average man with low Testosterone needs or should ever take.

TestRX has no testosterone in its formula. That's why it's not a steroid. Instead, it's designed to stimulate your own testosterone production naturally. It has ingredients that have shown in clinical studies spanning decades to gently awaken the male body and put sex drive, bone density, greater muscle tone and more energy back within reach.

No needles required nor the dangers and creepy stories linked to steroids and/or synthetic testosterone.

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4. TestRX Ingredients

TestRX has ZMA, the same powerhouse combination of two minerals and vitamin that 'significantly' boosted HGH and testosterone in a study of NCAA football players.

  • ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins) - 75Mg
  • Vitamin D3 - 2.85Mg
  • Vitamin K2 (MK4) - 0.005Mg
  • Vitamin B6 (AS Pyridoxine HCL) - 1.250Mg
  • Magnesium (As Magnesium Aspartate) - 50Mg
  • Zinc (As Zinc Monomethionine) - 2.5Mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid - 575Mg

* ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

The health community has buzzed in recent years about ZMA. There's good reason for that - a 2000 study found that ZMA increased testosterone and HGH in NCAA football players after just 7 weeks. Both hormones are linked to athletic performance and muscle growth.

* Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins) - 75Mg

Fenugreek is a popular herb native to India and the Arabic region. It's high in a compound called 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which may explain why a 2010 study found fenugreek helped 30 guys enjoy a decrease in body fat and higher levels of testosterone and bioavailability.

* Vitamin D3 - 2.85Mg

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes absorption of calcium in the small intestine. You may know vitamin D as ‘the sunshine hormone' because your body makes it while you're catching rays, but it's also known to boost testosterone.

* Vitamin K2 (MK4) - 0.005Mg

Vitamin K is a group of compounds, one of the most important being Vitamin K2. Some evidence suggests it may reduce bone loss from osteoporosis. Evidence shows that Vitamin K deficiency lowers testosterone in studies performed on rats. That's bolstered by a 2011 study which found Vitamin K helped boost testosterone levels in the testes.

* Vitamin B6 (AS Pyridoxine HCL) - 1.250Mg

Pyridoxine is a B vitamin with a variety of essential functions in the body. A 1984 study suggests this multi-tasking nutrient influences testosterone and other steroid hormones - possibly by recycling receptors from the nucleus to cytosol after initial translocation.

* Magnesium (As Magnesium Aspartate) - 50Mg

Magnesium helps the body use glucose more effectively in response to extreme physical stress without affecting competitive potential. A 1992 study of young men found magnesium 'significantly' increased strength and relative testosterone levels.

* Zinc (As Zinc Monomethionine) - 2.5Mg

Zinc may have some of the most enjoyable benefits among the ingredients in TestRX. It's one of 24 micronutrients the body needs for survival and is very important for function of enzymes, hormones and your immune system.

* D-Aspartic Acid - 575Mg

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is one of two forms of the amino acid aspartic acid (the other being L-Aspartate). D-AA regulates testosterone synthesis and has been used extensively for that reason among guys with low T and with performance issues in the bedroom.

5. TestRX Side Effects, Is TestRX Safe?

Although there are no reported side effects to TestRX at the present time, we recommend that you speak with your doctor if you are concerned about interactions between TestRX and any specific health concerns or conditions you may have.

6. TestRX Results, Testimonies, Reviews

The manufacturers guarantee positive results or your money back. They guarantee that users of TestRX will see the following results;

  • Better Physical Strength
  • Faster Gym Recovery
  • More Noticeable Results From the Same Workout
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Stronger Libido
  • More Sexual Stamina
  • Improved Immune System
  • Sharper Memory
  • Smoother and Younger Looking Skin
  • Less Flabbiness
  • Easier Weight Loss
  • Mental Clarity and Confidence

TestRX is made to give you that body. It's a natural bodybuilding supplement that helps guys boost testosterone, without needles, and blast through barriers when they hit the weight room.

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"If you're looking for an edge as a guy, be it in the gym, for easier weight loss, more energy, to get ripped, or just to get your strut back - it's a good bet that TestRX can help."

Bigger Muscles with More Testosterone - Testosterone encourages protein synthesis - the building block of muscle. The backbone of muscle growth.

Awesome Strength - Studies on the TestRX ingredients show significant improvement in upper and lower body power. The TestRX formula boosts oxygen to the muscles

Athletic Potential - More testosterone helps you distribute oxygen to your muscles.

Healthy Weight Loss - Muscle burns fat, and TestRX can help with weight loss. Just watch your upper and lower-body strength with TestRX.

Faster Recovery - TestRX can help you recover from your workouts faster, and get bigger muscles as a result.

Greater Virility - You may last longer with TestRX and have more ability in the bedroom.

A Jaw-Dropping Body - You want it, you got it with TestRX and its testosterone-boosting formula.

Natural More Energy and Performance - TestRX is all-natural. The TestRX formula boosts oxygen to the muscles.

Increased HGH - Studies on the ingredients in TestRX show they help with weight management.

You even get your money back if you don't like TestRX. Frankly, it's a no-brainer.

7. TestRX Prices

1 Month Supply

You Get: 1 Box of TestRX 120


3 Month's Supply

You Get: 3 Boxes of TestRX 120

$179.95 (You Save $29.90)

6 Month's Supply

You Get: 6 Boxes of TestRX 120

$339.95 (You Save $79.75)

8. Other TestRX FAQ's

Is it legal?

Of course! TestRX is a dietary supplement. It's not a drug and it's completely legal.

What will TestRX do for me?

Each man is different. But testosterone plays an immeasurable role in men's health and overall quality of life. Among other things, testosterone influences your sex drive, erection quality and quantity, energy levels, bone thickness, your mood and even relationships with other people.

Expect to see all of these improvements when you take TestRX as directed.

Is TestRX safe?

You'll want to speak with your doctor if you are concerned about interactions between TestRX and any specific health concerns or conditions you may have.

That's common sense.

With that said, TestRX is made at a cGMP-compliant facility in the United States with strict health and safety regulations. Studies on the ingredients in TestRX show the formula is generally well-tolerated. Most men use TestRX with no problems at all. Barring a specific health concern that would prevent otherwise, you should be fine.

What's in TestRX?

TestRX is formulated with natural ingredients that stimulate testosterone. This includes withania somnifera, tongkat ali, tribulus alatus, fenugreek, vitamin D3, ashwagandha, agaricus bisporus and brassica campestris.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy TestRX?

No. TestRX is a dietary supplement. You don't need a prescription to buy it.

How Quickly Does TestRX Work?

Most guys report feeling better with TestRX within the first three weeks. You'll generally hit your stride, with bigger muscles, more frequent and larger erections and other benefits of TestRX, between three and six months.

You'll need to keep using TestRX or your testosterone will plummet to previous levels.

Do They Offer Discounts?

Yup. Most guys prefer to stock up on TestRX at once rather than many smaller orders and because best results come with ongoing use. The company has priced TestRX accordingly. The bigger your order, the more you'll save.

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Is it Guaranteed?

TestRX is guaranteed for 2 month (60 days + a week for shipping), during which you can try the product and return for a refund minus a small shipping and handling charge. That's why many clients opt for TestRX over a lesser product from their health store. It's pretty hard to find this kind of product with a two month guarantee!

9. Where to Buy TestRX

We strongly recommend that you buy Brain Pill from the official website to ensure that you buy the genuine supplement to get the results that you desire! Click Here for Discount on TestRX at the official website.

Our Verdict on TestRX

TestRX is our top-rated natural testosterone booster because it combines a great formula, excellent value, good company reputation and, most of all, life-changing improvements to their quality of life.

TestRX is a very safe option for men looking to naturally increase their own testosterone production instead of taking potentially harmful synthetic testosterone hormone. It's a no brainer that you could try it out risk-free using the manufacturer's 60-day money-back guarantee.

TestRX Official Website

It's all within you. TestRX is going to help you bring it out by boosting your natural testosterone, along with HGH, with a high-quality natural bodybuilding supplement.