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October 2021

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  • October 19th - Picture Day
  • October 19th - Chipotle Night
  • October 21st - Conferemces
  • October 21st- Book Fair
  • October 27th - Fall Parties
  • October 28th - Conferences, No Classes
  • October 28th- Book Fair
  • October 29th - Professional Development No Classes
  • November 1st-2nd - Fall Break No Classes
  • November 23rd - Mix It Up Day
  • November 24th- 26th - Thanksgiving Break No School
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To book Conference times follow this link

Use school code s23d4

Smile Picture Day is October 19th!

Shool Picture Code : EVTD2D44P
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From Mr. Nichols

Hello Families!

Welcome to fall – the leaves turn colors, the mornings get cooler, and ineviitibly you will be looking all over the house for a coat while your child will have five or more jackets in their locker. Every year…LOL

Windsor just finished our FAST testing for the fall term. Our results were very nice overall. We have seen some learning loss due to the pandemic, but honestly not as much as I thought we would see, and not nearly as much as other places around the state and country. I attribute that to the amazing teachers and other staff here at Windsor. They wouldn’t let a silly little thing like a global pandemic slow down their work and it showed.

Conferences will be coming up at the end of the month. At this time, Windsor intends to do them in person (Be aware that masks MUST be worn by anyone coming into the building). Ms. Casey has a signup in this newsletter. For you returning families, it’s the same program we have used in the past. If you are a new family, it’s super easy. Just create a username and password from the link and you can sign up for a time slot that works for you. You can see multiple teachers at once if you need it to better align your times. If you would like a virtual conference, contact your child’s teacher(s) directly rather than booking a time online. And yes, the book fair is returning!!

Lately we have seening rash of toys, stuffed animals, Pokemon cards, etc… coming to the building. Unless it is something that is preareeanged with the teacher, we ask that those items stay at home. They get lost, taken, or damaged at school and it causes more hurt feelings than joy.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of snacks, chips, candy, and so on coming through. The students sneak it in their backpacks and then try to go out to their lockers, often with their friends, to share food. Honestly, it makes a mess with the wrappers, or even worse, partly eaten items end up left in a locker and it starts to rot and stink.

Picture Day is coming up on October 19. DMPS has terminated the contract with Interstate Studios after all of the issues that many of you experienced. Lifetouch will return as our photography studio. More to come on packages and pricing as it gets closer.

A quick reminder about picking up kids at school. If you walk to school and have an animal with you, such as a dog, please stay back on the middle sidewalk. We do have some younger students who are afraid of dogs and/or we don’t want kids to mess with the dogs or vice-versa.

Thanks again for helping us have a great start to the 2021-22 school year!

Mr. Nichols

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Mrs. Nichol's 5th Grade Class Question: What is your favorite thing to do in school?

"My favorite thing to do in school is reading a book called Esperanza Rising and doing Spanish to English words for Esperanza Rising. I like when we have free time and we get to draw in our notebooks. And last but certainly not least I liked when we learned and played new games." - Madeline

"PoP. Seeing friends in person. All block. Bad dad jokes. Lunch. The panda shelf. Jobs."

"I like all block where you can do typing club read or write." - Maya

"I like to play Mr. Nussbaum because it's fun and I race my classmates on a game."

"Fractions. Win. Snack. Jobs. Nussbaum. Read."


"I like playing the finish the sentence game. I also love lunch 🙂"

"LUNCH Burrito." - Aaron

"School jobs."


"The games and reading Esperanza Rising."

"I like math and fractions."

"Math: fractions, area, volume." - Gabbie


Beginning after Thanksgiving Break, we will have a group for our young musicians in Grades 3-5 to come and sing. It will be after school one day a week. We are still working out the details but if your child is interested they should sign up on the door of the Auditorium. There is no audition, just come and sing!

Jordan Leckband, MME

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Windsor PAWS is excited to announce that our first Wildcat Dash will be Friday, October 8 th!

What is the Wildcat Dash?

Wildcat Dash is a pledge-based fun run fundraiser where students collect monetary donations and then participate in a fun run at school with their classmates. Our goal is simple—raise as much money as possible to support the education and experiences of all Windsor students. We have set an individual fundraising goal of $20 per student, but fundraising is not a requirement and ALL students will participate in the fun run. The fun run will take place at Windsor Elementary School. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will run/walk 2 laps around the upper playground (¼ mile) and 3rd through 5th grade will run/walk 4 laps around the upper playground (½ mile).

Why should we fundraise?

All money collected stays at Windsor and makes a direct impact on our students. Participating in fundraisers such as these give students a sense of ownership, involvement and pride in their school.

What does my student need to do?

Students will ask family, friends, neighbors, etc. to support them by donating money to Windsor. Envelopes are due October 7 th and can be brought into the school office any morning during the collection campaign. One collection envelope is included in this packet; please ensure the envelope is filled out entirely and sealed prior to turning it in. Additional envelopes are available in the office. Please make checks payable to Windsor PAWS.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need help?

How should my child dress on the day of the Wildcat Dash?

Students should wear clothes they would typically wear for PE, including socks and tennis shoes. The fun run will happen outdoors, so keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Important Dates to Remember Monday, September 13th:

● Students take home information packet about Windsor Dash and fundraising begins! Thursday, October 7th:

● Last day of donations-All donations must be received to be included in fundraising totals for prizes. Friday, October 8th:

● Windsor Dash *Rain Date Friday, 10/15*

● Wristbands will be given to students in class this morning! Students will also receive any prizes they earned for meeting their fundraising goals.

How does your donation help Windsor? Through fundraisers, Windsor PAWS is able to supplement student needs, enhance student learning and support Windsor Staff. Here is a list of ways PAWS regularly helps Windsor students and staff.

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