Plan Samples for Startups

6 Tips to Hiring the Best Business Plan Writer

important to get it right, so hire a professional writer who has done many business plans before.

2. Research: Go online to research business plan companies in your area. For example, search for ‘Vancouver business plans’Look at the websites to determine the top ones in your sector, and if they have the necessary credentials to prepare a business plan. Ask questions and try to understand which company has the most experience and is the best for your needs.

3. Compare services: Compare the services of various business plan companiesand give them a call or send them an email. Ask them about their plans and request a sample. This way you can determine which business plan style is the best match for you. A plan contains more than a simpledescription of your product or service. It must show current market research, a competitive analysis, a strategic marketing plan as well as a company overview. It is important to remember that your plan will go to sophisticated bankers and funders so choosing the best company to write your plan is important.

4. Understand your requirements: There is a big difference in the planning requirements of a small startup seeking $200,000 versus a large business that wants to raise $25 million. Make sure that your business plan company has the background in your size of venture. Some business plan writers are only knowledgeable in small business, while larger ideas seeking greater capital need a more experienced team. There are business planning companies that have experience with both small and large ventures. Try to find the best match for your funding requirements.

5. Proforma financial projections: All business plans need to contain three to five years of financial projections. These should include information about how you will make revenues, how much those revenues will be andhow much profit you will make. Investors want to understand their anticipated return on investment or ROI. Financial projections should contain the following:

a. Assumptions
b. Use of Proceeds
c. Income Statement
d. Balance Sheet
e. Cash Flow
f. Profit margins
g. Break even analysis

6. The look of the business plan:It is important to have your business plan stand out from the other business plans that your investors have seen. Simple black and white plans that look as if they were written in 1996 are no longer adequate in 2016. Check that your business plan writer uses graphics. Your logo should be on the cover, and pictures, charts and graphs should be added to the layout to show your product to advantage. Your business plan writer should be able to add graphics to your plan to make it stand out from your competitors.

Engaging the right business plan company is one of most important decisions you will make for a startup. Use these six key points to ensure that your companybegins with the advantage of a compelling business plan that gives youthe best chance of success.

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