Lost and Found

By: Anne Schraff

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Written by Anne Schraff

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Genre: General Fiction

Grades: 5 and up

Age Range: 14 and Up

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My View Of The Book

The point of view in the story is 1st person because the characters are the ones talking. The title relates to the story because in the beginning Jamee is lost with who she really is but towards the end she starts to realize what she does is wrong and begins to change. The title also relates to the story because at first the girls father isn't with them but then towards the ending he shows up after five long years and acts like nothing ever happened.

This book teaches people alot of things, for example, it teaches people to be careful who you hang out with because in the story Jamee's boyfriend Bobby, started making up rumors about her and people started to look at her different. I thought the book overall was good but I think the author should've added more to the end like what happens. Do they all get together like the past or did their dad leave again?

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