President of Afghanistan

By: Paul Toscano

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

He first came into power 2001 after the fall of the Taliban. Ghani ran the loya jirga which is the grand meeting of elders. He served as finance master from 2002-2004. He was Chancellor of Kabul university in 2004. Ghani criticized what he saw as a waste of U.S. aid money and his goal as president was to reform that and make Afghanistan a stronger country. He has acknowledged the need to have a inclusive government meaning that even if he wins an election, he is going to consider everyone's point of view.

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Current Presidential Information

Ghani's Relationship with the United States

14 years after the United States took the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan, the new president ashraf ghani visited the United States Pentagon to thank the Soldiers, government and public tax payers for what they did. Along with thanking them, he also has requested and hoping for their future support. He was greatful for the war veterans for defeating the Taliban and has invited them to come to afghanistan as a tourist and has also allowed citizens to invite them in to their homes if they want to meet them. The U.S. has spend over 700 billion dollars on afghanistan since 2001 and Ghani hopes to account for every dollar.

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