SAYS Culture Code

How We Live, Work, and Win


Outcome is Boss

When groups of people come together without focus on a shared outcome, you get long meetings, pointless debates and misdirected energy. But when people agree on a shared outcome, a reason why, and focus relentlessly on it - you get a slew of powerful ideas, meritocracy, and realize outcomes for real. This also decreases dependency on a traditional 'boss', and unleashes freedom for people to do what they think is right - based on the real boss - the outcome.

Do the right thing

The right thing can sometimes be very debate-able. But more often than not, something debate-able is the 'grey area' of life. Is there something so right, that it is not debate-able at all? That's the 'white' side of life. If something is so wrong, no matter how you debate it, that is the 'black' side of life. Never confuse grey as white, or black as grey, or very soon you're a serial animal rapist without knowing it. Do the right thing. Do the white thing where you can.

Help people win

A couple thousand years ago, in a disconnected, fragmented economy, people gain by destroying, or taking from others. In our modern, inter-dependent, inter-connected economy, people gain from helping others win. In teams, help other win. For customers, help them win. For users of our app, help them win. This is now a per-requisite for anyone to win. Helping other people win.

When in doubt, care

Sometimes, in times of stress, complexity, or lack of data, the 'right' answer is hard to find. Sometimes you may even be tempted to blame others, or fight only for what you want. A little know superpower, is care - this helps you see from other people's point of view. A rare thing. But powerful. This helps you identify new solutions, and its more often than not, the 'right' answer, because it plays to what works for others. Best of all, it makes you feel good!

Clarity through communication

Too many people suffer from assuming, supposing or misunderstanding one another in a workplace. Clarity, shared clarity, is the solution. And it's something which you can achieve through communication! 24 Hour Rule. Drawing pictures. Asking questions. Wondering why? Just talk to one another, and enjoy the clarity needed to win.

Be reliable and trustworthy

It's a great thing to know you can trust the people you work with. That you can delegate. That you are working with others who care about their work the way you do. Once you can't trust each other, or rely on each other for delivering, the team will self-destruct, and that's no fun. Each member of the team needs to be trustworthy and reliable, no slackers. This fundamental helps build a workplace and adventure you can be proud of!

Speed is key

Technology, consumer behavior, trends, the market, competition, you name it, changes to fast. How to stay ahead? Be faster! Offence is the best defence when it comes to innovation and execution. Either you race ahead or get left behind. Everyone's got a good product, great price, and a big promise. Who is faster? This is why speed is key. Every email, meeting, decision, how much we respond, send the proposal, deploy that feature... it all adds up ;)

Go for Growth

Similarly, as the world grows and grows, what stays the same is in fact, dying. Especially in our industry, where exponential growth is the norm, we can only accept as story which keeps growing!

Achieve the Impossible

This must become a habit, where we set 'impossible' goals and somehow achieve it. At first, its shocking, but after a while, it become the way you live. And it's an incredible way to live.

Live Passionately

In work, at play, at home, with friends, family, with food, travel, learning, relaxing... doing it all passionately just feels so much better. Every task we undertake, everything thing we do, giving it our best, giving it our all, and doing it with passion... it inspires others and increases your odds of winning in all cases!

Keep it real

Being authentic, genuine, and being true to yourself is ever so important in a world which won't tolerate fake-ness, where Facebook and Google is available to all to call your bluff. Truth prevails, fast. Keeping it real earns trust, and decreases stress. Keeping it real builds genuine relationships, and feels great.