Green-winged Teal


The green-winged teal or Anas crecca are the smallest of our ducks with a small neck and bill. the males have a chestnut head with purple the green going from the eyes to nape. the females have mottled brown and dark brown on their heads. males usually have a pinkish brown chest with black speckles, while the sides,back and rear are grey. they have a high pitched 'preep preep' while the female ducks have a silent but sharp 'quack'.


The green-winged teal breed in colder regions, such as Alaska, Utah Canada. They prefer small,shallow ponds near forests with vegetation. But they also nest in prairie pothole country. The female green-winged teal usually lay around 8-9 eggs.


These ducks go as far north as Alaska and Newfoundland and as far South as South America. They can mostly be found along Mississippi and the coastal marshes and rice fields in Louisiana provide a habitat for them. the green-winged teal is a common visitor to the Caribbean and Central America.

My favorite part of the ducks would be their feather coloring. The males have more color to attract the females towards them. The females tend to have more brown so they blend into the surroundings when they are nesting.