Weekly Report

Keeping Teachers Up to Date


Exemplars- Thank you for exploring this! Remember to save your formative assessment at the end of the week for us to look at in planning.


I-Station- Make sure you sign up for a time to go to the computer lab. If you need me to go with, let me know!

DRA-Keep up the great work! I will touch base with team leaders about a day to help your team complete assessments.

Guided Reading library-is up and running.

Friendly reminders for check out:

When you choose a book, pull the hanging folder out and place on top of filing cabinet.

Write your name next to the title of the book

For returns:

Just place all 6 books in return bin with rubber band.

Dates to Remember

September 10th 3-5 Science meeting at CTE

September 21st-Literacy Committee with Audrey Bragg.

October 1st -Third Grade District Math PD

October 1st- Digital Learning Comittee

October 6th- Fourth Grade District Math PD

October 7th- Fifth Grade District ELAR PD

October 12th-Conference day

Summer Reading Celebration

For all students who read 6 or more books this summer!

They will celebrate the morning of October 2nd in the Library!

Invites will be sent home with those attending September 17th.

I will send invites and arrange the party! Just letting you know in case kids ask!