Solar Energy is an Energy from the sun. If you use a magnifying glasses and focus it on a piece of paper, after a while the paper begins to burn. That is one way of using the suns energy. In France 1888 they developed a solar power printing press it had a solar collector next to it to make the sun boil a water tank, Producing steam. The steam turned on a steam engine which provided the power to make the mechanical printing press turn on.

Solar energy can make energy they are on top of houses and different other places. It is a smart way of getting energy using the sun. There are lots of solar energys. There even are solar energy lamps, you leave it outside on the day to collect enegy from the sun, then at night it will light up!

The advantages of solar energys and disadvantages of solar energys:

*It can be used nearly everywhere

*It is non pollution

*It is long lasting

*It is not noisy

*It is a good way of suppling energy to a growing community



*It cost alot of money (cost 2 times as much as traditional resources, coal,oil etc)

*The weather can damge the cell

*It could only generate in the day time