Mooresville Middle School

Community Newsletter -- May 19th, 2023

A Message from Mr. Kosal:

Together we make a family!

Greetings, MMS families! This is Mr. Patrick Kosal, your proud MMS principal. It's hard to believe this is the last Community Newsletter of the 2022-23 school year! I could not be more proud to have spent my first year as a principal with this current batch of Red Imp students and staff. We've made a TON of memories together this year at Mooresville Middle School!

A new era in MGSD is coming next year and the excitement is high! As we prepare to split the 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students into two schools next year, I want to remind everyone that although the Red Imps & Bears will have a friendly rivalry throughout the coming years, we're ALL part of the MGSD family and all our students will become Blue Devils in the end and be unified as one at Mooresville High. Mr. Dan Miller (Selma Burke principal) and I are very aligned in our expectations for students and how we aim to help them grow and thrive. We can't wait to shepherd in this new era at MMS and SBMS!

Finally, thank you to all the parents out there who supported their Red Imps all year long. Without support from parents and the community, MMS would not be as strong as we are and moving in the positive direction we are. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time as Motivators or at PTSO events, helped chaperone dances, attended our sporting events to support the athletes, meet with teachers, pick us sick children, help scholars prepare for tests and get their homework completed, and oh so much more. Parents, we appreciate all the support!!

Here's what you'll find in this week's newsletter:

  • end-of-year Promotion Ceremony information
  • next week's events (last week of school)
  • Summer Testing opportunities & ISRs
  • PTSO announcements
  • View your student's Exact Path progress
  • Mental Health Awareness month (May)
  • basketball camp at MHS this summer
  • and more!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful short week and summer vacation! If you have questions or concerns over the summer, please email our administration team or call the MMS front office. Enjoy the break, Red Imp families!

Mr. Kosal, MMS principal (

Ms. Brown, 7th grade assistant principal (

Ms. Richardson, 8th grade assistant principal (

Mr. Kuhn, assistant principal (

Mr. Miller, assistant principal intern & MMS media center coordinator (

Ms. Clark, MMS Athletic Director (

Mr. Dan Miller, Selma Burke Middle School principal (

MMS website

Use the "Parents & Students" tab to find information about Lunch Prepay, Canvas help, etc.

Next week is final week of school:

Monday, May 22nd: End-of-year Celebration for both grades (parents, see notice below to sign up to help!) ** students may want to bring cash for concessions **

Tuesday, May 23rd: 7th grade field trip (Whitewater Center); 8th grade promotion ceremonies (see details below)

Wednesday, May 24th: Early Release Day -- students dismissed at 11:20am; 7th grade promotion ceremonies (see details below)... last day of school for 2022-23 school year (Happy Summer, all!)

Individual Score Reports (ISRs) & Summer Testing Information

Parents: yesterday & today, Individual Score Reports (ISRs) were sent home with each student. These ISRs indicate how each student performed on End of Grade Tests. Please email Mr. Kuhn, assistant principal with questions about ISRs (

** Important: also sent home were invitations for students to attend Summer Testing sessions. Those colored paper invites were issued to students within 3 points of passing any of the EOG tests. We highly encourage students to attend these sessions (week of June 5th) to try and earn that passing score. They were so close the first time -- let's show what you know, Red Imps!

7th & 8th grade promotion ceremonies (May 2023)

Our end-of-year promotion ceremonies for current 7th & 8th graders will be held on Tuesday, May 23rd (current 8th graders) and Wednesday, May 24th (current 7th graders).

Two ceremonies for each grade level will occur; start times are based on each student's first core teacher (1st period for 7th graders; 4th period for 8th graders). Here are the teams / times for each grade level:

current 8th grade -- Tuesday, May 23rd

8:00am - Team Thunder (Peterson, Kraftchick, Luffman, Pendleton, Woodring, Eyer, Plemons, Davis-Vickery)

10:00am - Team Lightning (T. Fulton, Mentzer, Wright, Orlando, Cook, Wilson, Ketchie, Groves, Hildebran)

current 7th grade -- Wednesday, May 24th

8:00am - Team Spinners (Davis, Coker, Sos, Buchanan, Durham, Barbee, Fandrey, Hamilton, Kaiser)

10:00am - Team Copperheads (Foushee, Coffey, Thornhill, Zocchi, McAllister, M. Fulton, Alvord, Hamm, Roseman, Hildebran)

Parent volunteers for May 22nd celebration

Parents - our end-of-year celebration will happen for both grade levels will happen on Monday, May 22nd.

If you can volunteer some time, please use this link to sign up. Contact Ms. McAllister ( with questions.

News from the MMS PTSO:

PTSO would like to thank all our families, volunteers and staff for all the support this year. We can't do what we do without you. Thank you!

PTSO wishes our current Red Imps the best at MHS, MMS and SBMS next year!

Both MMS PTSO and the new Selma Burke MS are seeking volunteers for next school year. If you want to get involved please email us at and specify which school your student will be attending next year.

Please join our PTSO facebook group. This online community is for parents/guardians of MMS students and MMS staff. We will share information from the PTSO, MMS and MGSD. It is also a place for you to connect with other parents/guardians and the PTSO. We hope you'll join us! Follow us on Facebook!

Thank you for your support! Questions for the PTSO? E-mail us at

National Mental Health Awareness Month (May)

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month! The Center For Safe Schools is inviting all NC Public schools to wear green in solidarity with them to spotlight mental health awareness on Tuesday, May 16th.

Visit for more information and a toolkit of additional activities and resources.

Exact Path progress viewing

Parents and students alike can also view ongoing Exact Path progress and diagnostic reports at any time by logging in through the student account. You can view written directions for that here and a screen recording below:

Viewing Exact path Written Directions

Viewing Exact path Screen Recording

Please email Ms. Anne Allen ( or Mr. Justin Miller ( if you have questions about the Exact Path diagnostic.

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MMS Student Handbook

Please review the school policies & procedures of Mooresville Middle School ASAP. Thank you!

How to alert MMS of a student absence:

The email address for parents to alert MMS about student absences is:

Parents can upload doctor's notes as well. We hope this process will be easier on everyone instead of always sending a note with the student that gets lost so easily!

MMS Social Media Handles - follow us!

Facebook: @mooresvillems

Instagram: mooresvillems

Twitter: @mooresvillems


MGSD Student Code of Conduct link

This button links you to the MGSD Student Code of Conduct, where you can reference behavior infractions and consequences outlined by our district.

We've almost made it... summer is coming!

Thanks for a great week of testing, families! As always, please feel free to contact Principal Kosal if you have questions or concerns.