Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob or sometimes called Genek is an 8 year old Jewish boy who has been living in a ghetto for about 2 years. Jacob just wants to be a normal kid and be able to play outside. And Jacob sometimes gets himself in stick situations because of curious, childish actions but in the end he feels bad and terrible that he did

Alex Rosan comes in when Stasek (a man supposed to take Jacob) dies .Alex takes the job and keeps Jacob hidden and Safe just like his own children, Yurek and Mari. The beginning of the story Alex is very optimistic that the war will end soon and Jacob and his family will be ok, But when Alex's son Yurek dies at the hands of a German sniper Alex feels like the war will never end and the Russians will never come and save them

Mela Roslan acts like the mother figure in this story, but she is also scared of having her family killed or tortured for keeping Jacob despite her worries she stays strong and does what she thinks is right


The story starts off in Poland during the Holocaust , a time were there was a mass killing of one race in this case is was Jewish people were 8 year old Jacob has been staying in a dirty, broken down, overcrowded ghetto with his Mother and Aunt Hannah. When rumors spread that everyone in the ghetto would be sent to work camps such as auschwitz were most were kill almost admitly from getting off the the train or worked to death Jacob's Aunt Hannah finds a man named Stasek who would take Jacob but sadly he is killed but a man named Alex will take the job and hide Jacob even though his wife was worried for their own children lives. During this time If you were caught with a jew you and your family would be killed Throughout Jacob's stay Jacob is nearly caught and had to move several times, Gets Vitamin C loss, has taken in Sholom, Jacob's brother who dies from Scarlet fever, and will soon pass it to him causing them to sell their house to pay for his operation they had to pay extra because Jacob was a Jew . The Roslans buy another house but this one is smaller and more run down and take in Jacob’s other brother David. Jacob soon becomes jealous because David has the appearance of a normal Polish boy and can go out and play outside. When news goes around that the war will soon end Yurek gets very excited and run out to the streets to celebrate where he is shot by a German sniper. The family leaves and goes to a shelter were it is said to be safe but within a month they were told Poland would be wiped out. The family will take three days to get to Kaninsk once there they were told the Russians were coming for real at this point Alex didn’t know who to believe until he heard the tanks coming. The war had officially ended in 1945. When the Roslans went to berlin to see if any of Jacob’s relatives are alive turns out their father was and would be sent back to him even though Jacob and David would rather stay with the Roslans. While with their father any letters that were sent were thrown away and the Roslans and Jacob only met a lot later when the Roslans were older


to receive the Righteous Among Nations Award you have taken risk during the holocaust by taken in a Jew in and keeping them safe.You also aloud that person to keep thier religion .In Jacob's rescue Alex and Mela Roslan risk their lives and there family just to do what they think is right and hide and keep three Jewish boys safe (Jacob,Sholom,and David) by temperately adopting them into their homes. Alex and Mela also went to extreme measures to hide all three children as best as possible. Bought them medicane for sicknesses and made them feel like there own


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"No civilized country would hurt women in children"

This quote shows that during this point in time no one believed that Germany would ever kill someone and Germany was to civilzed to do such an act.But,during this time Germany was not the most humane during their economic downturn and that they were will to do anything to put blame on someone