Hillcrest Elementary School

April 3, 3020

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What will be different after Spring Break?

The activities for this week were all review in nature. After the break, the teachers will be facilitating activities that will provide instruction on new concepts and skills. The activities will vary from teacher to teacher, as some will be recorded videos and others will be virtual lessons through Zoom or Google Meet. We are also looking for additional ways for the community to connect through pictures and other fun activities.

What do I do if my child is giving push back on completing schoolwork?

There are some areas in which parents may lower expectations (i.e. - screen time), but it's important to set expectations. Collaborate with your child on setting up a schedule and clearly define each time of the day. And this all depends on the child and the home. Most children would benefit from having a set time in the morning in which they are dressed, brushed their teeth, had breakfast, and are ready to "go to school". During their day, establish when breaks will take place, how long they will last, and what the children may do during the breaks. Everyone needs brain breaks, and the children take them at school with their snack time and recess. Also, keep bedtimes the same as they would be on a typical school night. Children benefit so much from structure, and having clear expectations may avoid debates with parents about completing their schoolwork. Remember, we are in this together; so if you need a hand in motivating your child, we can arrange a chat with one of several staff members in the building (i.e. Mrs. Jones-Tate; Mrs. Booth; Dr. Sandberg, etc.) .

How do I address the complaining from my child about schoolwork?

Your child may not love all assigned activities from his/her teachers, but the complaints may not be entirely about the assignments. Like adults, many children may be feeling anxious about the pandemic and the stresses related to not seeing friends, not participating in sports, and being in the house so much. Right now, children could be feeling emotionally uncomfortable. One of the best strategies for a parent is to validate how their child is feeling. And like most concerns for children, this situation is temporary. Remind them that they will return to seeing their friends and playing sports and going to places around the area. Contact your child's teacher if you're child is complaining because the work is too difficult, or too easy for that matter.

What if my child is having issues with a device and can't access the online classroom?

The most important thing to know in this situation is that all teachers will understand. We've all had a moment when technology failed, and we wanted someone to understand. Simply contact your child's teacher and explain the situation. The teacher may be able to resolve the issue or find an alternative way to complete an assignment. If the issue is with regard to a Council Rock Chromebook being broken or not working, please send an email to chromesupport@crsd.org.

When will parents have a chance to submit input for next year's class lists?

This is the time of the year when I typically send families a letter that allows them to provide input regarding the optimal learning environment for their child for the next school year. This will still happen - just not right now. The teachers and I will eventually be working on creating class lists, and we will seek input from parents before this happens.

When will children have an opportunity to get their belongings from school?

After Governor Wolf recently announced that all Pennsylvania schools would be closed until at least April 30th, the district provided strict guidelines that there would be no access to the school buildings. Like so many other areas of our lives, we will have to be patient and wait to see what changes in the coming weeks.

What reflective questions should I be asking my child about Distance Learning?

As you reflect on this week with your child, it may be helpful to ask:

  • What were you most proud of?
  • What was the most challenging part of distance learning?
  • What moment made you laugh or smile?
  • Did you complete all assignments?
  • Did you give your best effort?
  • What things can you now do independently?
  • Did you ask for help when you needed assistance?

Over the next few weeks, taking time to reflect after each week will provide the most growth for the children and the adults.

Please click on the Power Point below for more Remote Learning Tips

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Support from Our School Guidance Counselor

During our distance learning, there may still be times in which students may need the support of our guidance counselor, Dr. Sandberg. She is available during this time to help students and their families.
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A Local Hero...

I rave all the time about the Hillcrest Community. Your generosity, kindness and genuine care for others is what makes the HCE community ROCK! Our parents are always positive, willing to go above and beyond and supportive in all of our ventures. Our children imitate those same qualities. At times, you will find them outshining the adults. That's what happened in this case...Please take a minute to read this article highlighting our very own 1st grader, Audrey Priore. As you know, face masks are scarce these days. This is a scary reality in most hospitals around the world. Audrey pounced on this news and saw it as a great opportunity to DO SOMETHING!

I'm so proud to know Audrey and her family! Audrey you earned yourself a ROAR TICKET when we return to school :)