Predicting the Tragedy

Hayden Baillie

Was there really a ship named the Titan that was extremely similar that sunk?

There was a ship named the Titan that looked much like the Titanic. Both ships were both supposedly unsinkable, but actually weren't. The designs of both ships were very similar. They were also both triple-screwed British passenger lines, both had a capacity of about 3,000, and both ships carried many, many too few life boats. They also both hit an iceberg which led to there demise. Also, these two ships sunk in April, and were the largest ships in there day.

Eva Hart and Her Mother

Eva Hart was a Titanic survivor, and so was her mother. After Eva escaped from the Titanic, her mother refused to answer questions about her premonitions, so Eva did it for her. Eva said that her mother was crying and dreading her ride on the Titanic. When on the Titanic, her mother refused to sleep, and cried all night. The night that the ship sunk, as usual, her mother wasn't sleeping. She and her mother got into lifeboats and were picked up by another ship. Eva was very afraid of going on ships after that.

Titanic Premonitions

We may never know if anyone actually predicted the sinking of the Titanic, but it will always be a cool thing to think about.


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