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March 4, 2014

Hi there,

Hope everyone is doing well as hopefully Spring is upon us. Students were given a note to go home today for parents just to let parents know the decisions made in regards of how Paulding County Schools will make up time lost during the inclement weather days. Information can also be found on the Paulding county website.

Events and Other Important Info:

· March 13 Student Vs. Staff Volley Ball Game

· March 4 Scoliosis Screening was held for 6th and 8th grade

  • Our School has started a twitter page and Facebook to help keep parents involved and provide a way for to communicate and show support here is the information/links to help you find us out there in the social network:

-The Twitter site can be found @Principal_MMS.

-Facebook page can be found at Moses Middle School 2013-2014.

· BOX TOPS Students please start bringing in Box Tops for education we are collecting them and it raises money for our school. We are running homeroom competitions Prizes given out by our wonderful PTSA. The BOXTOPS for education help us out and you can find them anywhere on pretty much everything you buy send them in with your students. *** Its free money for our school.

*Edmodo IS updated for 7th /8th grade Flash Cards for Vocabulary*** this is a great study tool available to students to help them connect material in concepts in class.

· 7th Grade we are currently still working through the Asia Unit.

· 7th Grade Students need to begin studying for the UNIT 6 ASIA VOCABULARY.

· Edmodo for 7th /8th grade is being updated frequently for resources. Please Check For Updates:-)

  • 8th Grade students are WWII and post War unit in Georgia. We are looking are important individuals and how the War impacted the Country and the State. As well we will look as Post war America/Georgia.

  • Students can use edmodo for daily studying at home.
  • Media Center is doing shout outs every afternoon for $1.00 students can play a dollar to give a shout out for friends birthdays, celebrate winning a game, Congratulate someone, etc. All the proceeds from student shout outs will go to technology for the school. Shout out Announcements are made every afternoon and students can see Mrs. Bennett about making a shout out announcement.
  • Chick-fil-a day Biscuits are sold every Wednesday in the atrium for $2.50
  • Hat is Friday. Students may wear a hat if they bring in a 1.00 proceeds go to school technology.

Ms. Bitner: 7th/ 8th Grade Social Studies

My Information:


Edmodo URL:

Additional info:

*** If you would like to donate sanitizer or tissues or Lysol wipes that would ***help out greatly!!! We Appreciate you helping us keep down germs this time of year.**** We are EXTREMLEY LOW IN THE TISSUE DEPARTMENT…..

**We always need copy paper as we are always making copies for notes and graphic organizers every bit helps us in the classroom.

**Thank to ALL who have donated it means the WORLD to me and my students and our needs in the classroom!!! Thanks you for your supportJ

Thanks for all you do to support us here at Moses and here in my classroom!!!

*Any Questions please feel free to email me.

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Ms. BitnerJ

Wish List

  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer/For GERMS
  • Invisible Tape for our interactive Notebooks some for class OR some for your individual Student to tape in their graphic organizers

****Copy Paper****

Star Students:

7th Grade: 8th Grade: Logan Paulsen

Alcia Martin Abbie Hicks

Nick Johnston Aaron Davis

Claire Waters

Donovan Inpraseuth