Athens, Greece

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Greek life was mainly ruled by religion and so it wasn't a surprise that the temples of ancient Greece happened to be some of the biggest and most beautiful.These architectures also served or had a political purpose, as they were more often than not built to celebrate civic power and pride and to offer thanksgiving to the patron deity of a city for their wins in war.

"At Athens, wise men propose, and fools dispose." - Alcuin

Culture, religion, and Lifestyle in Ancient Greece

Most Greek houses were small and made up of sun-dried mud which meant they had to be re-built every so often. The Greeks way of life was mainly focused on family, religion, and their patriotism to their city/country. Throughout the year the Greeks would celebrate and hold many religious festivals, living to embrace their culture. Boys first started going to school at the young age of seven while the girls were taught at home, usually by their mothers. Greek classrooms often held less than 20 boys and classes were mainly taught outside. Girls were usually married off by their fathers at the ages of 13-16 and were wed to men older than them (around their 30s). Boys worked hard as soldiers, farmers, sailors, fishermen, and craftworkers. In Athens Greece they had a "democracy" but only the male citizens of Athens were allowed permission to vote. Women, slaves, and foreigners alike could not be citizens. Athens was a beautiful and fairly busy city, People came to the city from all over Greece, and other countries, to study and to trade.