Nuts & Bolts

September 23, 2019

We made it!

Congratulations! You made it through normalization! Isn't it wonderful to have all your students working independently and following all class expectations? Isn't that what normalization is, obedience? Not quite . . .

If young children are repeatedly able to experience periods of spontaneous concentration on a piece of work freely chosen, they will begin to display the characteristics of normal development: a love of work, an attachment to reality, and a love of silence and working alone. Normalised children are happier children: enthusiastic, generous, and helpful to others. They make constructive work choices and their work reflects their level of development.

We realize that your students may not quite be at this point of normalization as described above; however, that is what we continue to work toward. At this point in the year, we all hope for our students to have the knowledge of the classroom, the tools and access to be able to freely choose their own, appropriate work. We hope that the child can then engage in concentration to be able to complete this work and have a deep sense of accomplishment after that happens. That's the magical part that keeps them coming back for more.

This week we have an advisory meeting Monday, vertical PLC Tuesday and staff professional learning on Friday. The vertical PLC spreadsheet will be updated tomorrow outlining your tasks for your Tuesday meetings. Friday's agenda will come out on Tuesday via email. '

Thanks for all that you do and have a beautiful week,


Paper Resources

As you know from my visit to your last week's PLC meeting (except JH), we have a tight budget. Amanda send out a beautiful, data-filled email regarding how much paper we have used in a short amount of time. I am not (at this point) going to limit the amount of paper we provide; however, I do passionately ask that you please conserve and be mindful of the supplies we have now.

There has been so much waste in the workroom - paper that could have been used. I don't want to alarm or freak out anyone or have anyone say or feel that you do not have the resources to do you job - so help me by conserving and consciously using what we have. I know that the Engage NY resources are print heavy and we are all ok with that. Again, let's reduce our waste in the workroom.

Thank you all!

Classroom Management

Please send in CHAMPS or ACHIEVE plans to by the end of the week.

Coach's Corner

If you are wanting to incorporate 7 Habits into your classroom to help with peace education and executive functions, these are fantastic resources. Do not feel obligated to incorporate these lesson ideas. These are ideas that will always be here when you are ready.

Put "first things first" by continually reviewing and modeling grace and courtesy expectations and maintain high academic expectations and work that keep students engaged.

Hall Bookshelf

Books that are no longer displayed are underneath the shelves. Lift the shelf you will find these books. Please continue to check out these books at your leisure; and remember to return the books and check them out.

Parent Background Checks

We had about 20 parents/guardians show up last week before the MAPA meeting to complete their background checks. Keep checking the spreadsheet for updates. Keep reminding parents to take the paperwork posted in last and this week's MMM to get their background check done.

Coming soon . . . Classroom volunteers will be asked to sign a FERPA brochure, stating that they will not disclose info about students when they leave MMA.