Come to texas

catch the boat before dawn hits!

come to the best state in mexico

Texas has everything you will need to keep a happy family and have a successful life

join a town where there are plenty of jobs that pay you well or if you are interested in protecting people then join a presidio.

a few little things.

to move to texas you have to pledge your loyalty to spanish government which is no big deal and you have to be catholic,but if you not you can go to a mission to become a catholic so it seems easy.

buying land is easy in texas

here in Texas every acre of land is 12.5 cents,and paid out over several years.if you remain in texas through the war you get 1280 acres of land.640 acres for six months. 320 acres for three months.for colonists 4000 acres. finally 1470 acres for a single man

beautiful land

The land in texas is beautiful with rolling prairies,entire gardens of flowers farther than the eye can see,forests that are abundant in little squirrels,and deer.

join now and don't miss this opportunity to have a happy life. Have a good day